Report Card: In the Running 1 – Skyjelly / Solilians
Report Card: In the Running 1 – Skyjelly / Solilians

Report Card: In the Running 1 – Skyjelly / Solilians

Skyjelly-Solilians Vinyl Split

It seems like this two bands are made for each other. Each possessing a hazy like quality, almost a dream. – Fuzzy Sun

two bands, two takes on psychedelia: one freaky, one sludgy, both gloriously lo-fi – Bill Barnett via Twitter

This confirms my suspicion Michigan indeed does not exist. What kind of state is split into two parts? Absurd. – Greg Homan via Youtube

Talking about our first first vinyl release aka split between Skyjelly and Solilians. Its been about two months since it was released and we had plenty of press and podcast plays since then, so time to thank everyone that mentioned the split in some way or another…

First and foremost, there’s a recent livestream of the split that was done by Vapor Memory and gained cool 700+ views and a ton of amazing comments. Needless to say, we’re incredibly grateful to VM for an opportunity.

We got about 100+ copies of vinyl left and our friends at Wormhole World in UK still have 4 CD copies of the split in the vaults, so pick those up or just help spread the word about the release! On to the other things…


Far-Out Sound Travelers SKYJELLY And SOLILIANS Team Up For Chill Out Trips (via Turn Up the Volume)

Here are the 21st Century pipers at the gates of dawn…

Pairing mode: music to listen to right now – a new series (via CDM / David Abravanel)

Pairing mode is a new series focused on music to which we feel connection – mostly new, some back catalogs, all stuff we’re listening to. And maybe that’s the most essential way to approach music, finding what excites us. Resident music editor David Abravanel launches his new column.

Review of our split / overview of the label + cLOUDDEAD reissues / Electric Indigo / Windy & Carl

Radio / Playlists / Podcasts

The Music Digest: There’s Still So Much Music (via Breakthru Radio / Bryan Buchman)

It’s just Bryan solo this week as we check out new music from Scot Orr, Ilithios, Ultraista, Westerman, Secret Shame, Deeper, Ghost Funk Orchestra’s Notes From Quarantine, We Versus The Shark, Mise En Scene, DAD, Girlpool, Jeff Beam, Peel Dream Magazine, Solilians, Skyjelly, and Oh Land.

Featuring Blakey by Skyjelly and There Is No Michigan by Solilians

Boston Emissions w/ Angelle Wood 4.2.20

Watts, Square Ape, Home Despot, Skyjelly, Loveless, Meet The New Rumble Bands

Featuring new Skyjelly single Don’t Be Sad

Emergency Anthems #16 (via Bombshell Radio / Jasper PR)

Welcome to a new Emergency Anthems show lovelies. It has been a crazy month and we are all on edge – the one thing you can rely on is the music. We hope you and yours are keeping healthy and safe during this unpredictable time. Support each other and keep those tunes coming!

Featuring Gowron Breaths by Solilians + tracks by The Banshees, The Midnight Ghost Train, PJ Harvey, Radio Riot and more

Indie Pop Vibes #141 Part 2 (via BreakFast King)

Featuring Seein It by Skyjelly + tracks by Catenary Wires (UK), Cola Jet Set (Spain), Cats on Trees (France) and more.


Last, but not least – both Skyjelly and Solilians are still hard at work. There’s Yar Dreams of Sela, a duo of Paul Doliner and Ben Malkin from Solilians, whose self-titled EP is out on Goodbye Better now.

There’s also a number of non-album singles that Skyjelly put up on Youtube and Bandcamp lately – including aforementioned Don’t Be Sad, What Have You Done, I’m Gonna Take The Day for Granted and Khalid. First three feature videos created by Dave Wolfbear and we compiled those into one playlist for your convenience.

More Thank Yous Due

James Lauters / Iain / Echoes and Dust / T2,000,000 / Vogon Laundromat / Andy Mascola / Shameless PR / Ezra Brooks / Nick Cyanide / Arise / Curae / draftsf0lder / Barry Fry / David M. Falconer / The Bordellos


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