Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 7.0 (w/Old Man Mike)
Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 7.0 (w/Old Man Mike)

Replay // IHN Fest 2021 / 7.0 (w/Old Man Mike)

Continuing our spate of collaborations – this time we invited Puerto Rico based Old Man Mike to curate our video stream and pick a couple of favorite videos for us. So here’s our first guest-hosted/guest-curated broadcast!


FFION – Corner Games (Soundtracking the Void)
Thomas Ragsdale – Clover (Soundtracking the Void)
Jilk – Pause The Clocks For Women In Love (Castles in Space)
Salvatore Mercatante – Foundation Four: Obsolete Code (Castles in Space)
The Twelve Hour Foundation – Six Twenty Negative (Castles in Space)
vert_x + Pete Hope – Spikes In My Day-Glo (Castles in Space)
The Hologram People – Etoile Voyageuse (Castles in Space)
Simon Klee – A Particular Velocity (Woodford Halse)
Dohnavur – Cloudback (Castles in Space)
Nightshift – Outta Space (Trouble in Mind)
FACS – XOUT (Trouble in Mind)
Naked Roommate – We Are The Babies (Trouble in Mind)
Fire Toolz – dEcRePiT φ PhOeNiX (Hausu Mountain)
Armageddon Speaking – Big Mood (Leifendeth Remix)
Norman Pain – Trapped
Jessica Walrus – (Unreleased) NY 2019
Ten Benson – Mud Man


Old Man Mike – Concussion

Thank You for Tuning In

David Svrjcek / Interlude Jones / Petridisch / Genetic Effects / Luke aka Badgersmack aka Skerry Hill /  Ben (Solilians) / Zolan Quobble


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