Dispatches from the Underground // July 15, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // July 15, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // July 15, 2021

Our Daily Bread 458 > Brian ‘Bordello’ Shea talks new releases from Anton Barbeau, Brian, Lauran Hibberd, Rob Majchrowski, Daniel Vujanic, Yammerer and The Telephone Numbers (via Monolith Cocktail)

Up for pre-order now – reissue of  two classic Pere Ubu albums (Pennsylvania / St Arkansas), newly remixed by David Thomas. Out on Sept. 10 via Fire Records.

Out tomorrow on Burning Witches Records > Harglow – Re(hexed + dacted), remixes by Graham Reznick, Vanity Set, Timothy Fife and many more + prepare yourself for Dead of Night

7 copies of Widdern, strange creature (aka collab between James Worse & Expose Your Eyes), left in Steep Gloss vault

2 new releases out today on our Takuroku digital label (run by Cafe Oto) > Singing Below the Surface from Action Pyramid + Invaded by Fireflies from Nataliya Beylis (Woven Skull)

Few copies of Asylum by Greg Nieuws / Antonello Perfetto left in Hream Recordings vault

DIY Music Guide from TQN-aut is out in August > A User and Creator’s Manual /  Zines, Tapes, CDs, Gigs, Archives, Labels, Podcasts

Tropical Fuck Storm interviewed by Quietus > “At least Rupert Murdoch bankrolled The Simpsons. Mark Zuckerberg didn’t do shit except rate chicks on their looks and turn all our dads into fucking Nazis.”

Not Turning Off: Volume 20 > Another electronic feast, featuring Polypores, Hawksmoor, Rupert Lally, Xylitol, Quiet Clapping, A Certain Ratio and Western Edges (via Adrian / Concrete Islands)

Out Today on Full Spectrum Records – Catalogs by Andrew Weathers > four long assemblage works, 10 text & graphic scores. rural situationism, a memory map

Fall 2021 classes at Rhizome DC

From back in June (better late than never) > Liars and their new single Big Appetite (h/t Turn Up the Volume)

Hear Jeffrey Alexander (Dire Wolves / Black Forest, Black Sea) / Marissa Nadler covering Black Peter by Grateful Dead > self-titled album out on Aug. 6 via Arrowhawk Records / fresh material as well as a mind-blowing interpretation of Gene Clark’s already-severely-heady “Strength of Strings,” this blissed-out album made by these prolific, intelligent players is surely one of this year’s highlights.” – Petal Motel

Japanese vocalist Phew is putting out new album on Mute, her first for the label in 30 years (Quietus via Zoe Miller)


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