Dispatches from the Underground // July 14, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // July 14, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // July 14, 2021

From back in April…highly peculiar/very fascinating video by G-dblink Goblin, Lo-Fi Psychedelic/ Absurdist Pop/ Ambient Punk unit from LA

Coming in September via Orindal Records > Mouth Full of Glass, the first solo album by Chicago, Illinois’ Macie Stewart (of OHMME) / Miles away from the heavy rock of OHMME’s twin guitar assault

See what’s happening in NYC Scene right now via Adam’s World > Nation of Language, Pom Pom Squad, & Sam Himself

Feeling lucky? Merge Records is looking for social media manager

Mid-year / 2021 favorites picked by Spyros (Scene Point Blank) > Genghis Tron, The Body and more

Release #533 (!!!) from Imploding Sounds > Brazilian anti-fascist crust doom punk and HNW, a unique stylistic combo with a singular message

Last few copies of Ed Balloon’s “Errvrthing…” tape left in Deathbomb Arc + price drop for vinyl by  + price drop for vinyl by Robedoor

New single from Pram of Dogs on Phantom Limbs > choral bliss

Hear Final Service – one of the four tracks off of upcoming tape by Minua on Warm Winters Ltd > This is your mid-summer drone record ~ four pieces for woodwinds, modular synth, Bavarian zither, electric guitar and bass. Art by Nat Marcus, mastered by Rashad Becker

Take The Sound of Fighting Dogs blog for a scroll

Over at Raven Sings the Blues > Sunwatchers Jim McHugh teams up with Eugene Chadbourne for a jukebox breakdown of the many lives that populate the persona of Chadbourne, loosely lacing together strains of folk, discordant jazz, and Americana (albeit Americana turned on its ass + interview with Eugene on Quietus

Over at Tabs Out > Wane Lietoc aka Matty Mcpherson aka GhostPlanetMatt talks about Nerve Bumps, recent release by Dax Pierson / harmony on the dance floor + grace in the peaks and crevices of ambience

Only few days left before Electric Knife Records will take a summer break, so hurry up and check their catalog (h/t Laica)

The junk orchestra is tuning up as we sift through debris with Ferial Confine “The Full Use of Nothing.” Squeals becomes notes, layers become voices, and chaos becomes ambient. An inspiring chunk of 1980s UK noise… (via Noise-Xtra)

Definitely not an album that lands after one or or two casual listens > Beats Per Minute reflects on Mythopoetics, new LP from Half Waif

Hallucinatory account of a man who is seeking solace from a cruel machine that manipulates his thoughts > new single from Psychic Graveyard, premiered by Destroy/Exist

And more new singles / videos…Infinite Sadness by Xeno & Oaklander (Dais Records) > Minimal wave legends seventh album, Vi/deo, further distills their iconic noir synth pop into a streamlined suite of gleaming, graceful retro-futurism (h/t Live Eye TV)

Tribute to/eulogy for Ghedalia Tazartes from Sasha Frere Jones (h/t Creamo Coyl)

Two-piece punk band that combines black metal with garage rock and tropical themes > Tvar’ out of Moscow, reviewed by New Noise Magazine (h/t I Thought I Heard a Sound)

News from K Recs > Oruã psychedelic cassette; The Moving Pictures paisley Babylon; Lisa Prank perfection; K shoulder tote; Holly Golightly is truly none other!

Hear Hallelujah the Hills covering Marnie Stern for Stars Rock Kill (Rock), compilation celebrating 30 years of Kill Rock Stars label + sign-up for a free show the band is playing in front of the USS constitution

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