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Matmos The Consuming Flame

Just got a word that new Matmos album is on the way! Its called “The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form” and features a ridiculously (in a good way) long list of contributors/guests. 

the album features contributions from 99 different musicians,  all given only one simple instruction: they could play anything that they wanted, but the tempo of any rhythmic material had to be set at 99 beats per minute. 

As for participants….the names we heard being mentioned so far include Twig Harper, Pig Destroyer, Locrian, Yo La Tengo, Marisa Anderson, JG Thirlwell, Id M Theft Able, Oneohtrix Point Never, DeForrest Brown Jr., and Sutekh Hexen. If that’s not enough, the triple CD record comes with a fold out-poster. Impressive still. 

Matmos - M. C. (Martin) Schmidt and Drew Daniel

So lets listen, shall we? This is an excerpt from “No Concept” off of Disc 1 and features clipping. and David Grubbs (who made guest mix for us back in 2017)

The album is due for release on Aug. 29th via Thrill Jockey. While waiting, you might also want to look into Am I Free to Go? by Soft Pink Truth, an album of crust punk covers from Drew Daniel’s side project. 

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