Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 18 (w/Dillon)
Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 18 (w/Dillon)

Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 18 (w/Dillon)

Brand new episode of Cosmic Church – our very own radio show broadcasting every 3 weeks via CAMP Radio in France! Much like its predecessor this one was hosted by Dillon aka Freeyourradio, whom we heartily recommend you to follow on social media/Twitter.

Dr. Dre provided an introduction last time and this episode features Eminem! Safe to say, it wasn’t easy to get a hold of either celebrity, so tune in…


Native Soul – Teenage Dreams (Awesome Tapes)
Hiero – Pen (@h6ero / Some OthaShipConnect)
David Ornette Cherry – So & So & So and So (docherry / spiritmuserec)
Jamire Williams – Hands Up (Intl Anthem)
Bendik Giske – Void (bendikgiske / smalltown supersound)
Quivers – Country Feedback (R.E.M. cover) (@quiversam / Ba Da Bing / Bobo Integral)
Run Logan Run – Screaming With The Light On (@runloganrunuk)
They Hate Change – Faux Leather (@theyhatechange / @jagjaguwar)
Ben LaMar Gay – Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks on You (feat. Ohmme) (Intl Anthem / @ohmmemusic)
Mouth Painter – Tropicale Moon (Arrowhawk)
Dai San – Nite Sprite (GAMM) >
Luke Sanger – Only Casino for Miles (@wooky_lapsus / @philipsherburne) >

Maria Elena Silva – December (Big Ego Records) >
Patrick Shiroishi – Beachside Lonelyhearts (pshiroishi / American Dreams)
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Dead End Days (@glenndonaldson / slumberlandrecs)
Geo – Hydrate >
Maurice Louca – El-Gullashah (Foul Tongue) (Sub Rosa / Northern Spy) >

Lael Neale – For No One For Now (@laelnealemusic / Sub Pop) >

JJJJJerome Ellis – Loops of Retreat (@jjjjjeromeellis / NNA Tapes)
Nala Sinephro – Space 4 (Warp) >
Ill Considered – Loosed (@ill_considered / cc @ringsounds)
Moor Mother – Made A Circle (feat. Nappy Nina, Maassai, Antonia Gabriela & Orion Sun) (Anti-)

Technology And Bones – Somewhere (Wormhole World) >

Mushroom Hour Half Hour – Cuts & Pieces
Godcaster – Hecky Skelters (Ramp Local)
Tuluum Shimmering – It Flew to Seas


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