Dispatches from the Underground // October 8, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // October 8, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // October 8, 2021

Over at Colourhorizon > L’Emission by Atelier Radiofonico / new album from the Portugese label Prisma Sonora. Tagging itself as electronic, experimental, library music and future jazz (amongst others) it should appeal to fans of The Heartwood Institute and those original pioneers of early electro and TV music

Over at Silent Words Speak Loudest / Bright sparks aka review of Buzz by Efferklang

Over at Monolith Cocktail > Social #61: The UMC’s, The Human League, Richard H. Kirk, Lael Neal, Sakamoto, Os Kiezos, Aphex Twin…

Over at Humanizing the Vacuum > I don’t talk much cause it gets in the way: The best of the Feelies

Over at Foxy Digitalis > Mix #23: Home Learning / feat. Harmonia/Eno, Rodan, Black Eyed Dog, Duster and more

Over at Rosy Overdrive > New Playlist: September 2021

Out today on Waxing Crescent  > Piano at 51°40’49.6″N 2°14’09.2″W by Stuart Cook / debut album from Stuart Cook of capac

Out today on Phantom Limbs > Temple Of The New Sun by Xochimoki / career overview of 80s New Age duo specializing in Central & South American ethnomusicology – Bill Barnett

Out today on Students of Decay > Still Lives by Marja Ahti / third solo full length by the Finnish composer Marja Ahti, following a pair of releases on the Hallow Ground imprint. As a collection, it may be seen as a series of studies on the liminality of the listening act and an investigation into the physicality of sound (h/t Sean Clancy / Siavash Amini)

Out today on Warm Winters LTD > HMOT – This Music Greets Death / The debut album from the Russian producer, Klammklang co-curator & excellent human being (h/t FRKTL / Spacelab)

Out today on Neurot Recordings / Gilead Media > Piecework by Kowloon Walled City (h/t AntaresMHD)

Out today > self-titled by Flood Twin / the new band which features Grant Curry (Pleasure Club, James Hall), and Sterling Roig (James Hall) (h/t Pete Murphy)

Little peek into External Combustion Tension by Equinox x Xqui / Strange shapes and shimmering anti glissando / out in November via Wormhole World

Little peek into Ancient Methods by Spectacular Diagnostics / new album by Chicago-based producer / A big bang of beatmaking matter: from cut-up jazz keys to distorted sci-fi movie dialogues / out in November via Rucksack Records

Little peek into Lost In Sinking Swamp by P A T H S パス / You wake up and realize that you had a different life. You realize that you haven’t always been here. You’ve finally realized that Sinking Swamp is not your home, at least, not the one you started at / Out in November via No Problema Tapes (h/t Dualation)

Little peek into Welcome to Minus World by The Minus World / out on Summersteps Records soon

Little peek into Fermented Fruit by Turquoise / The punks made instrumental music with swagger / out soon on Friend Club Records

Listen to Haunted ambient mix compiled by Grey Frequency / music by Simon Fisher Turner, Negativland, Dome, Polypores and more

Read up on / listen to 5 Things For the Rabbits liked this week

Help Exponential Festival reach their crowdfunding goals

Something new from Intl anthem (h/t Space is the Place)

Norman Records pick overlooked albums from September


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