Preview of Boston Not LA 4 (II)
Preview of Boston Not LA 4 (II)

Preview of Boston Not LA 4 (II)

Another volume of Boston Not LA is upon us and here’s another snippet of what’s up ahead…
The Lowbred Watts – Adult Things
TLW is Ryan Stapler whose gritty mix of homemade/lo-fi blues and folk makes you want to smoke a cigarette even if you’re not a smoker (according to The Wild Honey Pie). Stapler’s most recent release – 2014 This American Hide –  draws you in despite the coarse production (or perhaps because of it) and the opener Adult Things provides an excellent showcase of the projects’s strengths:

Jenova 7 – Heartless
Borrowing heavily from Three Dog Night late 60s hit Easy to be Hard, Heartless is a melancholic journey into the night and space guided along by beats and saxophone samples. The version presented here was recorded live at WBER radio station in 2014.

Clown – Romance
Out of 3 LPs released so far by Worcester’s Clown (aka Rusty Rabinowitz) 2013 Kong is the epitome of uneasy listening with its swirling vortex of noises, orchestration and disembodied vocals. Same can be said about the album’s opener Romance – initially off-putting and ugly it makes more sense with repeated listens especially if are familiar with the recent work of Scott Walker and/or many industrial/ambient/noise classics.

In addition to tracks listed above, you can stream 6-track preview of Boston Not LA 4 in its entirety below:

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