Hassle Fest Mixtapes Plus – Stream Eclectic Sessions Vol. 1
Hassle Fest Mixtapes Plus – Stream Eclectic Sessions Vol. 1

Hassle Fest Mixtapes Plus – Stream Eclectic Sessions Vol. 1

Words from The Colonel – I was originally inspired to work on Eclectic Sessions after hearing the infamous Brian Eno compilation record, No New York.  I, like many others, am continuously floored by the alarmingly apocalyptic sounds and aesthetics explored by those groups, and also how incredibly descriptive the compilation is of that short-lived era in music.

Eclectic Sessions is a digital compilation courtesy of Brooklyn Local Ramp label that includes not one, but four (!) artists set to appear at Hassle Fest 7 – namely, Palberta, Curse Purse, Guerilla Toss (remixed by Wes Kaplan from The Channels) and Cloud Becomes Your Hand (it also includes a track by The Sediment Club who share members with Urochromes).
NYC Palberta were described as “the fucking epitome of what punk should be” by Dingus (make no mistake – Dingus was talking about The Shaggs, not Sex Pistols there). Other influences include  Minor Threat, The Replacements and ESG all of which were brought up during the interview with fckv the media
Live version of Na Na that opens this compilation, then, is pure punk – both childlike and confrontational, it hits you right in the face and and disappears almost as soon as it starts (presumably so that you can’t catch it and say “no”).

Greenfield, MA trio Curse Purse features former Speedy Ortiz guitarist Matt Robidoux (also the man behind Hidden Temple Tapes label). Judging by hhh, their contribution to Eclectic Sessions, they sound nothing like SO – while traditional instruments are still there, the music itself is a deconstruction of anything that rock-n-roll stands for/cubist take on punk rock.

Boston escapees Guerilla Toss offer even more deconstructionist rock with The String (via Wes Kaplan from The Channels). If Renaldo and the Loaf were still around and active in the 21st century, they surely would’ve sounded something like this:

Finally, there’s Brooklyn Cloud Becomes Your Hand (“avant-prog bumping insect rock & roll” (or) “a renaissance faire acid trip underwater in grandma’s winnebago”) with a live version of Rat Jumps –  Residents-like tomfoolery at its finest.

Other bands on the compilation include Big Neck Police, Palm, Banned Books, Sediment Club, Gold Dime, Show Me The Body, Big French and more.

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