Veterans Day – Flaming Pablum
Veterans Day – Flaming Pablum

Veterans Day – Flaming Pablum

Flaming Pablum - AlexinNYC

Flaming Pablum is a brainchild of writer, blogger, father, obsessive music geek and cantankerous native New Yorker Alex Smith. Browsing vast archives of his blog (which extends all the way back to 2005!) is pure joy since Alex picks subjects that you’d rarely encounter in any mainstream publication (or most blogs, for that matter). Here’s just a couple of highlights to give you an idea:
Klosterman’s Theory: Did Radiohead’s Kid A Predict 9/11?
My Vanishing Downtown Pt. 1 + Pt. 2
The Texan Death Spoon
Exploring the New York City with The Clean in 1989
Defending the Unimpeachable: John Carpenter’s Halloween
More recent topics of discussion include Coil’s Backwards, Julien Temple’s Oil City Confidental documentary and Killing Joke’s latest LP Pylon
Alex was also one the authors behind now-defunct but still fascinating collective blog The New York That Nobody Sings dedicated to songs about NYC.
You can also check out Episode 19: To Cloud or Not to Cloud, one of numerous podcasts made by Rollie of September29th blog and featuring conversation with Alex.


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