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[easy-image-collage id=48828] We kicked off our Post-Independence Marathon with Louisiana mix courtesy of instrumental rockers Guns of the Seneca. That leaves us with 49 states to go and this time we’re going to cover 4 of them at once!
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Boston Underground 1980-2010 (compiled by Petridisch)
Vol. 1 – featuring The Moors, Requiem in White, Opium Den, Curious Ritual, Cober, Jeff & Jane Hudson, Women of Sodom, Turkish Delight, Helium, Throwing Muses, Dirt Merchants, Milkmoney.
Vol. 2 – featuring The Lothars, The Pandas, Bedroom Eyes, The Glass Set, Astroboy, Swirlies, Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple, The Curtain Society, Zutrau.

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea Mix

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea is an instrumental band from Boston, MA. New split with Reindeer Castle is out now! GOSAS always has been and always will be Andrew, Daniel, Mark, and Patrick.

Featuring Bedtime Magic, Horsehands, Harris Hawk, Brown Lasers, Kave Kraft, EXH4LR, Elephants, Courage Cloak.
GOSAS on the Web: Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

Carry the Zero Mix

Carry The Zero is a music blog that strives to provide honest, in depth reviews of local bands in the Boston area and beyond.

Featuring Lady Bones, Horse Jumper of Love, Kindling, Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, Infinity Girl, Mini Dresses, The Ghost of Electricity, Astronoid.
CTZ is run by Justin Cole who also plays in Warped Forest.
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Letters From a Tapehead Mix

Letters From a Tapehead is Sean Caldwell who’s been defending his bad taste in music since 2006. His writing also appeared in No Ripcord, Kicking Against The Pricks, Stereokiller and MusicFilmWeb.

Featuring Carved Up, Cetus, Sheer Mag, Palm, Vektor, Old Maybe, Psychic Teens, Knife Hits
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New York

Brooklyn on Bandcamp, vol. 1: RocknRoll 2014-2017 (with one ’12)
Guest mix by Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O and the Kids, The Seconds, Pale Horse)
Featuring Gold Dime, PC Worship, The Dreebs, Sediment Club, Sunwatchers, KATIEE, Ray Sweeten, Guerilla Toss, Dan Friel, Soft Encounters, Patchy Drizzle, Greg Fox, Collapsible Shoulder

New York Mix by Yuzima

At the crossroads of culture, race, rock, r&b, noise (and ancient spirits) sits Yuzima. Having been labeled “noise lord” from a popular rock zine, Yuzima challenges the narrow landscape forced on artists of color, skillfully stirring old New Orleans style jazz, noise-rock, powerful vocals, and skillful songwriting to tell the full American story.

Featuring Bones Howell, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Brett Gleason, Dream Crusher, The Looking, Mike Rimbaud, Charles Only
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Mixes by Modern Folk
Vol. 1 – featuring The James Bedfellows, Tom, Hanks, Buck Gooter, New Boss, Uncle Bengine, The Turlocks, Valkyrie, Salvaticus, Shenandoah Alley, Dirtpond
Vol. 2 – featuring The James Bedfellows, Jordan Perry, Psychic Subcreatures, Ryan Clark, Shuna Sassi, The Big Drum in the Sky Religion, Edgar Alien Po’Boy, Zooanzoo

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