Virginia Mix #2 by The Modern Folk
Virginia Mix #2 by The Modern Folk

Virginia Mix #2 by The Modern Folk

I Heart Noise has kindly asked me to make another list featuring some great underground jams from my home state of Virginia…this list is pretty focused on my region of VA, the scenic Shenandoah Valley/Blue Ridge Mountains…and there is not even any folk, old time or bluegrass in this mix…I won’t take up your time rambling, here are those jams!
The James Badfellows – Warden
This is the opening jam from Staunton/Harrisonburg VA soul/goth/garage slammers The James Badfellows digital only EP “Curiosity and Spite”…they also have a 7”, but you gotta grab it at a show, which I recommend…this is a great live band, James will make you feel him

Jordan Perry – Witness Tree
“WITNESS TREE” is the latest from Charlottesville, VA based contemporary guitarist Jordan Perry. His style blends Appalachian roots with classical minimalism to form stunning, stark compositions. His last album, S/T, was just re-issued by FEEDING TUBE records! (get that here)

Psychic Subcreatures – Candy Apple
These Cramps-worshipping gothy surf punks are from DC, but since that means they don’t have congressional representation, I am putting them on this list! I think they parted ways but you can grab these tracks anyway, and I recommend it

Ryan Clark – BE THERE
Ryan Clark is a busy rapper, producer and DJ in Harrisonburg, VA. His production style is a very clean mix of the classic and the brand new, and his flows do not disappoint either. This is his latest EP/mixtape, and I am sure there is more to come. He also featured a bit on one of my albums

Shuna Sassi – Dog Babies
Shuna Sassi is an electronica/vocal/mystical project from artist Magical Foam and the prolific Billy Brett from internationally renowned noise brothers Buck Gooter. Drum machines and tape loops are triggered spontaneously by Foam’s surrealist exhortations…another live must-see

The Big Drum In The Sky Religion – Aqualugh (Single Version)
The Big Drum In The Sky Religion is a shamanic noise folk band with an eco-feminist anarchist philosophy. extremely prolific in their own sounds, as well as in the curation of the “my goddess has a crazy bush” mix series which highlights an inclusive cast of underground feminist noise and punk artists

Edgar Alien Po’Boy – Girls Don’t Know
Harrisonburg, VA’s Edgar Alien Po’Boy is a confluence of Chuck Berry, Captain Beefheart, JR “Bob” Dobbs/The Church of the Subgenius, and expedient cuisine…either you get it or you don’t

Zooanzoo – Upside Down n’ Out (Single)
“Upside Down n’ Out (Single)” is a pleasantly dubbed out electronic jam from VA group Zooanzoo. If you like these smooth but experimental vibes, they have a deep discography to browse!
Thanks for joining me on this short tour of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia’s undergound music scene via Bandcamp…I hope you dug it as much as I did.

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