Guest Mix – Ghosts of Sailors at Sea
Guest Mix – Ghosts of Sailors at Sea

Guest Mix – Ghosts of Sailors at Sea

Ghosts of Sailors at Sea
Ghosts of Sailors at Sea is an instrumental quartet from Boston, MA that to date recorded 2 LPs and one split with Brooklyn’s Cavallo
Red Sky Morning, their latest, was described by Metalsucks asĀ  richly orchestrated, atmospheric post-rock that invites the listener to choose from any number of journeys given his or her current mood
Bedtime Magic – Endless Slumber
If you only see one bass-and-drums duo playing 7/4 riffs in flesh-toned pug-print onesies this summer, make it these guys.

Horsehands – Flavor Rats
If you feed a Mogwai after midnight, but only feed him Melvins and math-rock, in the morning you’ll have a Horsehands gremlin

Harris Hawk – Farpoint
Harris Hawk, in my opinion, are the best band in Boston. Super tight musicians giving it their all, awesome riffs, awesome hooks. They are kind of like having hot wax dripped on your genitals, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Brown Lasers – Circus Peanuts
I just discovered Brown Lasers when we were asked to play a show with them. Solid fellows I’ve know from several other bands over the years. Parts kind of remind me of Slint with elements of other awesome bands I love.

Kave Kraft – Determination of Mathematics
Don’t know these guys personally, but we played a show with them a few years back and have been intrigued with them since. This tune is groovy, proggy and kicks tons of ass. These musicians clearly have a certain chemistry that comes from playing as a duo. Looking forward to future releases!

EXH4LER- Mechanical Shark Head
Music, as the band themselves succinctly put it, that is bite sized for the distracted listener. From a very fun experimental trio of guitar, synth and drums, this 45 second song is from their new album “Shrugs of Aleppo” that was released this month.

Elephants- Home is Where the Weird Is
Fantastic power pop played by our amazing friends. Great hooks and catchy tunes that instantly get stuck in your head, in the best way. They tore it up at our LP release show.

Courage Cloak – Iceage
Great buds making a monster sound. Each of their tracks covers so much musical ground that it’s like a journey in and of itself. See them live for the full effect.

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