Notes on Boston Bandcamp – 08.20.2016
Notes on Boston Bandcamp – 08.20.2016

Notes on Boston Bandcamp – 08.20.2016

The Judas Sprawl – Liquid Sky
Intriguing band name and intriguing sounds within (think melange of heavy beats and extra chirpy synths), but somehow it all never coalesces into anything special (the exception being “Anesthesia” which sounds like Aphex Twin b-side circa late 90s).
Its a shame too since there’s clearly something interesting going on, but most of the material on “Liquid Sky” seems to revolve around  1 or 2 ideas that never go anywhere in particular.

Alec Sloane – As Others Are
No-frills acoustic folk with deeply personal lyrics – not something I usually go for and was almost ready to skip on the album altogether after hearing the first track, but further listening showed that this is album is quite solid (provided you’re in the right mood).

Bastardized Brutality – Accidental Separation
All signs pointed to this being a death metal record, but DM its clearly not (all for the best, as it turns out) – seemingly all improvised guitar freak out in the vein of Thurston Moore/Sonic Youth,  Jim O’Rourke et al
For an improv record this holds incredibly well which is no easy feat to achieve

The Jackalope – Some Songs
More folk and not of avant/experimental/dark variety either (more of old-time Appalachian kind) – its not even supposed to be anything more than a test  at this point(according to liner notes).
Yet there’s something really warm and inviting about those two songs – the atmosphere, the primitive vocals, the way that fiddle works its way into composition, it all blends together perfectly

Somniferous – Two Birds EP
I can almost see “the next big thing” written all over this EP and the band’s name – 6 tracks compiled on Two Birds”are as colorful as the album’s artwork.
Comparison-wise this reminds me of some of Sargent House acts like And So I Watch You From Afar  and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Somniferous on SH roster in a couple of years either.

Injury – Darker Things to Do
“Devil May Cry” that kicks off this 3 track EP might be the best imitation of Danzig that I heard – albeit we’re talking poor man’s Danzig as neither production nor playing seems to smack of high standards.
Not that the low production values ever stopped anyone from having fun…and fun is what those 3 Boston skate punkers are clearly having.

Kindling – Everywhere Else
Some heavygaze (or is hardcore pop?) from hometown heroes – dual male/female vocal action + boatload of effects, so you know that comparisons to yer Medicines and MBVs of yore will fill most of reviews for that one.
Don’t let the said comparisons stop you from listening – this is one noisy confection that got enough personality to stand on its own.


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