Review – Girl Pusher: Singles (Deathbomb Arc)
Review – Girl Pusher: Singles (Deathbomb Arc)

Review – Girl Pusher: Singles (Deathbomb Arc)

After you are done listening to Girl Pusher, two things should cross your mind: 1) girls like hardcore punk and “weird” music, too. They don’t all listen to stuff from the radio and coffee shops. (Even if they do, it doesn’t say anything about their overall tastes, but I digress.) 2) Deathbomb Arc was smart for snapping these artists up, but considering that their artists are supposed to be musical anomalities to the larger industry, Girl Pusher would have fit well, if only Three One G were okay with a girl screaming about how fat she feels.
The best way to describe Girl Pusher is that they are what happens when girls who grew up listening to Cosmopolitan and were told to conform to social norms need an outlet to scream towards. They are hardcore punk/new wave for the feminists who think Le Tigre is okay, but a little too or conservative compared to the true anger they feel inside. It’s for the traumatized, the insecure, the broken, the soulless. Think Crystal Castles, if they truly let their freak flags fly to the point where Glass (or Editch) loses her voice as well as her marbles at the end of the recording.
If you are already subscribed to Girl Pusher’s soundcloud, chances are you have heard Girl Pusher’s SINGLES already. Probably not in as organized of a fashion as on the record. The best description of this album is that they managed to take the heavy bass of dubstep, the drums of trap, goth’s pitch black mood and hardcore punk’s carelessness about anything other than blackwashing one’s insecurities…plus some 8-bit keyboards to mold into subtle punk sneers. From “Pickpocket”‘s schizophrenic shout into the ether to the lo-fi sound of what Le Tigre would sound like turned to 11 (“Disconnect”), SINGLES is another EP demonstrating what Girl Pusher has to offer as far as stretching the idea of what punk sounds like, gender or no.
The album can be streamed here. It’s available in both mp3 or cassette form, which is selling like celebrity-focused porn. Cop here.


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