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Cuushe – WAKEN (FLAU records)

It’s early morning. You wake up from a dream. It’s still dark. You’re full of uncertainty, but also hope. That’s the spirit that longtime Flau family member Cuushe is capturing on her new album WAKEN.

Cuushe has lived what could be described as a dreamy life, changing residences between different global cities around the world: Kyoto, Osaka,Tokyo, London and Berlin. But after the traumatic experience of harassment the dream seemed to have ended. She became keenly aware of feeling powerless.

Burd Ellen – Says The Never Beyond (Self Released)

The record is a collection of carols and wintersong that occupy the liminal space between sacred and secular, connecting to the deep seasonal traditions of Britain and Ireland

via The Ashen

Rob Mazurek – Exploding Star Orchestra – Dimensional Stardust (International Anthem)

Marfa TX-based multidisciplinary abstractivist Rob Mazurek has made an indelible impact on creative music over the past 30 years. Emerging from the musical nexus of the 1990s Chicago scene, he’s written more than 400 compositions and is featured on more than 70 recordings (including International Anthem’s very first, IARC0001, “Alternate Moon Cycles”). He’s led or co-led many ensembles – including the Chicago Underground (Duo, Trio, Quartet & Orchestra), Isotope 217 (alongside members of Tortoise), Pharoah and the Underground (feat. Pharoah Sanders), Alien Flower Sutra (with Emmett Kelly), São Paulo Underground (his primary working group across his time in Brazil), and a duo with Jeff Parker – each of which possesses its own distinct musical personality.

via Mike Mannix / Eric PH

Infinity Knives – Dear, Sudan (Phantom Limb)

African-born, Baltimore-based experimental hip-hop producer Infinity Knives joins Phantom Limb for the release of his unique debut album Dear, Sudan, a vibrant and polymathic labyrinth of moods and colours.

Infinity Knives – aka producer and musician Tariq Ravelomanana – moved from Tanzania (via Kenya, South Africa and Madagascar) to Baltimore with his family as a teenager, soaking up the raw, vociferous hip hop culture around him, devouring Western classical music, and embedding himself with the city’s verdant music scene. This unique combination of life experiences and contrasting strands of musical education empowered and enabled him to create his Infinity Knives guise, allowing us a window into his singular energy with Dear, Sudan.

Faten Kanaan – A Mythology of Circles (Fire Records)

A Mythology of Circles is the new album from Brooklyn-based composer and musical artist Faten Kanaan, her first to be released on Fire Records. It explores cyclical repetitions in nature & time, and the allegories attached to them.

The Left Outsides – Are You Sure I Was There? (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube Records )

via Alison Cotton

Sachi Kobayashi – Moon & Sea (Serein)

Moon and Sea by Sachi Kobayashi is a wistful and romantic accompaniment for window gazing and sleepless nights. Sachi is a Japanese producer based in Tokyo. Whilst she is no stranger to the world of electronic music, Moon and Sea is her first release that can be termed ambient music proper; a deep and dreamy offering that hearkens back to ambient music’s golden years (if you’re old enough to remember them).

via Polar Seas

Pole – Fading (Mute)

Pole is the project of ground-breaking electronic musician Stefan Betke. The new album Fading is the first since 2015’s Wald. As with every new Pole record, it’s part of a continued forward trajectory but it also connects to a pre-existing sonic framework. “Every Pole record connects to recordings that I’ve made before,” Betke says, “in order to stay in this kind of vertical development. The ideas from 1, 2, 3 [his groundbreaking first three albums] up to now are connected. I keep the interesting elements, languages and vocabulary that I designed and add new elements.” Fading follows the physical released on Mute of remastered versions of his iconic albums 1, 2, 3 to much acclaim.

via Steven Hess

Middle Blue – Weird Funk in Small Bars (Ropeadope)

Four long jams with a special guest on each one: Ben Goldberg, Claire Daly, Jamie Saft, and Mike Clark. See you then.

via Brad Farberman

Brontez Purnell – White Boy Music E​.​P. (Post Present Medium)

The late Jose Esteban Munoz asserted in 1999’s “Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics” that there is more to identity than identifying with one’s culture or standing solidly against it. The racial and sexual mainstream negotiate majority culture—not by aligning themselves with or against exclusionary works but rather by transforming these works for their own cultural purposes.

In what feels like a punk rock response/sonic dissertation to the late Munoz ,Brontez Purnell brings the curious offering “WHITE BOY MUSIC”.

The Corrupting Sea – Soul Mate (Somewherecold Records)

The Corrupting Sea is the ambient project of Jason T. Lamoreaux. An expression of feelings and very personal experiences, the ambient moods generated through Jason’s work are expressions of real life stories and moments.

Beau Wanzer – Busted And Bamboozled (Ophism)

Do you have a tendency to look in the mirror with shame and horror about the person you might become? Do you have neon blood? Have you ever driven a forklift carrying a pallet of rotten fruit? Have you ever eaten tater tots from Skylark?…

via Sold / glorbis

Ani Klang – Burn the Empire (Hyperboloid Records)

Out on November 6th digitally and on limited cassette, complete with remixes by @afruitmusic, @Dahnyohl and @pixelord

After making her debut into the world of dark, deconstructed club music on Infinite Machine in late 2017, Ani Klang is releasing her latest hard-hitting, genre-blending EP on Russian label, Hyperboloid Records to round out a busy year of releases in 2020.

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – I Can Wait (Oaken Palace Records)

Oaken Palace Records proudly presents I Can Wait, a new full-length album by Left Hand Cuts off the Right (aka Robbie Judkins), a sombre but comforting, beautifully drifting set of four pieces for zither, melodica, synth and mbira. The quartet of tracks was recorded in 2018 but appears now as a timely sonic missive that absorbs a sense of individual uncertainties amid a collapsing wider world, but provides a response that reaches out to create a haven of calm, reflective resonance.

Arrington de Dionyso – The Dragon Raga (Songs of Psychic Fire 2020) (Self Released)

This album is a follow-up to a record I made in 2008 called “I See Beyond the Black Sun”. There was a presidential election that year as well. Pluto was just beginning his entry into the sign of Capricorn. That will mean something to some people, to others it will not.

via T2,000,000

⁂V‡▲D‡M∇R⁂ – Aokigahara Forest (Self Released)

They say whomever enters the forest shall not return, if you ever find your way out you will never be the same. If you choose to listen be warned of the Spirit’s around you from Aokigahara Forrest they might just take you back with them”

Traipse – DERENDERED (Self Released)

Spontaneous EP drop


Destructive and reconstructive reworks and outtakes from RERENDERED

via vapyd

U-MANO U-DITO – Elea 9003 (Third Kind Records)

Elea 9003 was one of the first computers built entirely with solid state components, realised by Olivetti’s electronic division in the 1950’s.

This record is a tribute to that machine and the IT pioneers of the ’50s, to Adriano Olivetti and Mario Tchou, who both died shortly after Elea’s release, to Nelo Risi and Luciano Berio, respectively director and soundtrack composer of the inspiring documentary “Elea classe 9000”.

Listener Depleted – You Slept, I Didn’t (Music Is The Devil)

Entering through a beaded curtain in my mind’s eye, I’ve not quite engaged again. Dream state. Knock this wicked old world on the head and have an OOBE and reach out to touch the fronds of the ferns that are being drip fed by patches of sunlight. There is no foley in my reverie, only Listener Depleted’s mind bending new album You Slept, I Didn’t.

Fans of @WilliamBasinski, @amuletsmusic, and @Hainbach101 will most likely appreciate the meticulousness evident in this beautiful chaos.

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