Review: Mood Taeg – Exophora
Review: Mood Taeg – Exophora

Review: Mood Taeg – Exophora

Mood Taeg Exophora

Words: Nik Farr

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Opener “2MR” sounds like Krautrock’s Big 3 (Kraftwerk, Can, and Neu!) in a blender. But from “Deictics” onward, the record achieves a more original take on the genre. Disembodied vocals, backwards guitars, and twinkling electronics coalesce into something unique.

Folding in other influences (“Corpora” is a bit New Wave–itself a genre that took liberally from ze Germans) is a nice move, and adds depth.

Overall, “Exophora” is more indebted to tight Apache-beat than expansive cosmiche, but still feels pleasantly trippy. Great stuff.


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