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Saltings – The May Queen (Wormhole World)

From Irish-born composer Andrew Cooke, Saltings revels in this intrinsic energy, maturing his caliber in a number of different albums, while accomplishing a consistent binaural universe that exhales a language of “pastoral-horror-soundscape,” as Andrew puts it.

Chip Wickham – Blue to Red (Lovemonk)

Been waiting for this one, and it’s worth the wait. He sticks mostly to flute on this new album of spiritual jazz (and one fusion jam).

via Bill Barnett

Tyler Holmes – Nothing (Ratskin Records)

I threw my life away for nothing

For their new two song EP, “Nothing” Oakland, CA based producer and multi-disciplinary artist and Ratskin Records collective member Tyler Holmes offers us two brand new compositions “Nothing” and “ Rinse [Breath Play]” Through intense voice and breath manipulation backed with their minimal yet powerfully presented electronic based compositions, nodding to Holly Herndon, Xiu Xiu, and Cocorosie, Holmes offers two forcefully elegant and haunting tracks both separate from but in dialogue with their upcoming full length LP “Nightmare In Paradise” on Ratskin in Fall 2020.

rütRTL – NewEra_2: conflict, maturity (Hollow Point One)

via T2,000,000

Tuluum Shimmering – Sister Ray Meets China Cat Sunflower Uptown (Self Released)

The Tuluum Shimmering covers series has been my go-to oasis throughout the pandemic. But with this morning’s Sister Ray>China Cat Sunflower, I’m now fairly convinced I’m trapped in a hologram and the machine is just pulling ideas from my dying brain.

via Brent S. Sirota

Simon James – Room Tones Blue (Self Released)

Simple tones for your room.

The first in a series of extended recordings of self generating tones that have been filling my room over the last 4/5 weeks. All proceeds to @ChestnutSussex

via Polypores

Other Matter – S/T (Muteant Sounds)

Another great release from duo @MichelKristof and Julien Palomo as Other Matter. Ace artwork too.

Out now on @MuteAnt_Sounds

via Wizard Tell Lies

Marja Ahti – Traces of Friction (Amplify 2020)

I’m happy to make with a contribution to the excellent Amplify 2020: Quarantine festival. A collage of treated frictions recorded at home and around during the past two weeks. Thanks to @mark_harwood for inviting me.

via David Grubbs

Occlith – Gates, Doorways And Endings (Transylvanian Tapes)

Occlith is a Doom Metal Supergroup based out of Sacramento, California.

Phillip Gallagher on Guitar(Swamp Witch, GraveCoven, Bog Oak)
Daniel Aguilar on Guitar(Battle Hag)
Karl Cordtz on Vocals(CHRCH)
Patrick Hills on Drums(Pastoral, King Woman)
Courtland Miles on Bass(Gloriam Draconis)

via T2,000,000

Trium Circulorum – Noise Beach (DT Digital)

Returning from a Portugal holiday in September I had a hard time coping with the fact that I couldn´t hear the ocean waves breaking below our balcony 24/7 any longer. The fine spray, the noise, the breaking and rolling and then after 14 days…no waves, no beautiful organic noise, just the often ugly big city background soundtrack of cars, sirens and dogs and humans and…everything.
So I went into the studio, patched up my rack`s noise generators and some pedals and layed down some intense sessions. There are no field recordings used in this piece, its just improvisation on envelopes and filters.

via Mrs Dink

via Past Inside the Present

via Tyresta

via Shane Parish

via Blessed Altar Zine

Bailterspace – Singles (Self Released)

Bailterspace finally made it [email protected] after all this time.

via Andrew Long

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