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Robert Fripp ‎– Soundscapes: March 04, 2006 – Blueberry Hill, St. Louis, MO, USA (DGMLive.com)

This remains a firm favourite amongst the myriad riches of Robert Fripps soundscape work. Just stunning.

via junklight

Lee Perry & Jah Lloyd – White Belly Rat (Black Art)

aka Judas de White Belly Rat.

Scratch attacked various rivals in song over the years. This one is said to be directed at singer Max Romeo, though Max says it was actually about Bunny Lee. The lyrics about “rasta bandwagon” don’t seem to relate as well to Bunny as they would to Max, however. So it’s Max for me.

Jah Lloyd was one of Scratch’s favourite deejays back then and sometimes recorded for him as Jah Lion.

via Coddy

Arasmas – Midnight Radio (DMT Tapes)

Sometimes I listen to an album and wonder what 2018 Seffi had to say. I don’t think Seffi of the past had the attention span to appreciate the beauty of the mind trip that is Midnight Radio and how rewarding the last 50 minutes feel when you close your eyes and just listen.

via Seffi Starshine

Bill Callahan – Riding for the Feeling (Drag City)

Music video for the song “Riding For The Feeling” from Bill Callahan’s album “Apocalypse”, released April 19, 2011. Video by Archie Radkins, based on artwork from Max Galyon.

via Daggerboy

Matt LaJoie – The Center and the Fringe (Flower Room)

after a long stressful day of entirely too much worrying about a future that i have literally no control over at this point, i played this @FlowerRoomLP album. it got me to slow down,exhale,relax & get centered. i needed that. thanks Matt.

via Arise

Dark Half – Moon Through Dark Trees (Third Kind Records)

This deeply immersive Dark Half album occupies an imagined folklore world of dark forests, Cthulhu tales and dream visualizations.



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