New Music Releases – May 2020: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – May 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – May 2020: Pt. 2

More new music from May – as picked by our followers! See part 1 here.


Wendy Eisenberg – Dehiscence (Self Released)

from two quarantines comes this new songs album. only up for a limited time. happy bandcamp day of waiving the revenue share. first songs since time machine, about some heavy and less heavy things. this batch is from the last six months, for the most part. breakups are political. we are breaking up with a tired system. please enjoy. i love you.

Federico Durand – Alba (12k)

Alba is the Spanish word for the moment when the first light of day appears, before the sun rises, and all things appear magical. Argentinian Federico Durand returns to 12k with music for dawn listening. His small and humble sounds of everyday life are crafted with simplicity, stillness and repetition – making music how children play.

Alba features a cover illustration by renown Irish artist Emer Tumilty.

via Justin Mank

Polygloss – Coronal (Self Released)

thematically focused on the complex emotional resonances of our pandemia: interiors & indoors, drawn blinds, cancellations & distances, late night rabbitholes, free-floating anxieties & manias, dislocated worldviews. a lighthearted jaunt of an album, by all measures

via Racial Maddow

Culver/Fordell Research Unit – Memento Mori (Steep Gloss)

A feedback haze hovers around the edges of every piece, causing the entire tape to seem unbearably loud even when it’s played quietly. A far-off threat lumbering towards you and slowly coming into focus… an airless vertical slab, monumentally and near-effortlessly heavy, a staggering drone that immediately takes in all the air in the room and alters your perception of time. – Howard Stelzer / Vital Weekly

Lawrence English – Lassitude (Room40)

This is slow music, and I’d like to think, music that deepens.

via Alexander Tucker

b0nds – Cloud99 (Self Released)

peep new b0nds

“Above the crowds, above the clouds Where the sounds are original/ Infinite skills create miracles” art by @13pulsions

via Raund Haus

Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Bamboo for Two (Pacific City Sound Visions)

featuring James Ferraro, Lieven Martens Moana, and Orphan Fairytale

via T2,200,000

Lionel Scardino – Islas Imaginarias (1631 Recordings)

via Eeem

Whettman Chelmets – The Rain, The Pour (Self Released)

New 3 track thing up on the bandcamp. Initially started as a sound design thing that morphed into songs. Its been a weird terrifying month. Just a timecapsule of life right now. Little more kick drum than usual. Go give a listen.

Solaris – Findings and Surroundings (Linear Obsessional)

The long awaited follow up to their debut on Linear Obsessional (itself, arguably some 45 years in the making!), “Findings and Soundings” was recorded by Mark Spybey in the coastal town of Redcar, in the North East of England, where the three members of the band first met as children in the early 70s. Mark Spybey (later to work as Dead Voices on Air), Richard Sanderson (later to found Linear Obsessional Recordings) and his cousin Mark Sanderson first started playing together in 1974 as (just) teenagers – “Findings and Soundings” sees the band approaching their 60s.

Phil Wilson – Happy Families (Self Released)

Phil Wilson does lotsa covers!!

via Daggerboy

CREME RINSE すすぎとリピート – PLANET:LORIA (Seikomart)

PLANET: LORIA—Over the past few centuries the planet Loria has been rendered near uninhabitable due to unchecked pollution wrought by a doctrine of laissez-faire capitalism and myopic greed. Large sections of Loria have been reduced to desert and industrial wastelands. To make matters worse, the planet has recently become home to the Cenity, a galactic cult whose ideology would see a dimensional rift unleash a cosmic entity capable of utterly destroying the planet and surrounding solar system. The Cenity have been performing hit-and-run raids on Loria supply chains and guerrilla-style sabotage in urban areas. Kara Kamden, a war hero and veteran of the Asteria Wars, is hired by the Loria Defense Force (LDF) to track Lex Commotion, the charismatic and deadly leader of the Cenity. Hiding, and hunted by the LDF, the Cenity search for a single piece of technology…

via T2,000,000

via Arise

Tyresta – You’re Dreaming Again (Bad Cake Records)

I have a new tape coming out next Friday (5/15/20) on @badcakerecords! It’s called “You’re Dreaming Again” and was inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (which is eerily relevant as of late). 

Otomo Yoshihide & Chris Pitsiokos – Live in Florence (Astral Spirits)

Vladislav Delay Meets Sly & Robbie – 500-Push-Up (Sub Rosa)

Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson – Rain Shadow (Thrill Jockey)

Sound Kite Orchestra – The Venice Session (Dinzu Artefacts)

dreamcrusher – Panopticon! (PTP)

via Endaural

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