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It would be an understatement to say that I Heart Noise gets a lot of submissions / inquiries about our namesake label. While we can’t possibly review or put every single record we like (though we wish), we did decided that it would be ideal to have sub-division of IHN that would focus on releases that don’t fit our own format. And thus Fish Prints was born.
FP (run by Petridisch) is defined by eclecticism and high quality of material being released with styles/genres being of less importance. To date the imprint produced only two releases, but there’s a lot more in the works – read on!
Nelories – 1990 Demo EP

It is no surprise that the first edition of this EP sold out in a day – a cult in Japan, Nelories are also quite a bit of a cult in US as well due to association with They Might Be Giants. It was none other than John Flansburgh from TMBG that discovered the band and produced their self-titled release via Hello Recording Club.
Second pressing of the EP is nearly sold out, so grab a copy of the tape before its gone forever!
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Cryostasium – The Possessor

As Encyclopedia Metallum archives attest, Cryostasium has been active and quite prolific for the last few decades. Since its inception in 2000s this one-man Boston act produced countless splits and collaborations with the likes of Xasthur and Earthenwomb as well as his own material.
It should be noted, however, that with time the emphasis in Cryo’s music shifted from pure BM to a mix of crust, BM and experimental/electronic music. The Possessor is clearly latter / Cryostasium Mark II – a blend of black metal and vocaloid, sure to scare off the purists, but still capable of attracting more open-minded listeners.
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Future Plans
Two more releases by two legendary performers are said to be in the FP pipeline – one by Barbara Morgenstern and one by Lida Husik. Barbara recorded for Domino, Leaf and Karaoke Kalk and currently works with Berlin-based Monika Enterprise (run by Gudrun Gut). Lida Husik recorded for Shimmy Disc, Caroline and Astralwerks in the early 90s, but she recently returned with motheroceanmorning, an album that FP is planning to reissue on tape.

Also worth reading – an interview that Petridisch did with The Witzard/Matt Horovitz. We also put together a video playlist of trailers/videos produced by FP, Cryostasium and Petridisch.

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