New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 1
New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases – April 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases

First roundup of new music that came out this April – compiled with a little help from our followers! More in our archives.



Ian Chang – 属 Belonging (City Slang)

属 Belonging, Ian Chang’s first full-length album, is like a cyborg – part purring mechanism, part animate bio-mass rising from primordial ooze. Featuring Kiah Victoria, KAZU (Blonde Redhead) and Hanna Benn.

Heinali/Michael Balog – A Mechanical Bird in an Electric Garden (Injazero Records)

Sound artist @Heinali and experimental jazz saxophonist #MichaelBalog came together to create this beautiful collaborative EP

Jeffrey Silverstein – You Become The Mountain (Arrowhawk Records)

some really lovely sounds from my friend @futuremyth on his upcoming record for @ArrowhawkRcrds

Jeffrey Silverstein is a songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. He has been making music for over a decade. Prior to relocating to Portland, Silverstein released music with Brooklyn-based duo Nassau and Baltimore’s Secret Mountains, projects who received praise from NPR, Stereogum and the New York Times. How On Earth (2019), his debut solo EP for Driftless Recordings, was developed as an artist-in-residence at the Sou’wester Lodge on the coast of Washington where Silverstein lived, wrote and demoed material inside a vintage Ford motorhome turned recording studio.

via Maymind

zakè –  Coppice Movements (Zakè Drone Recordings)

Coppice Movements is an addendum to ‘Carolina’, an album released by Polar Seas Recordings. These five arrangements follow a similar formula as its predecessor; suffused with manipulated field recordings and persistent drones that gently flow. Mastered at Schwebung Mastering (Germany) by Stephan Mathieu, Coppice Movements is a continuation of solemn yet jovial paean to seclusion and quiet moments of self-reflection, bathed in shimmering reflections with a profound sense of stillness and serenity.

Sad Man – Indigenous Mix 3 (Self Released)

Enjoy this if you can. Out today.

Lunakin – Eyes Scream (Self Released)

Proud papa alert. New LUNAKIN ep.

Electronic music created by Lunakin (with assistance from Vadermaan) in the studio around 24 to 36 months.

Auto Chlor Vs On Backwards and the Velcro Was Jetsons – LOOK! It’s a game? (Illuminated Paths)

Auto Chlor was Tim Murray of Moon Jelly (and many others) and Brian Lee of HiFi Envelope.

via T2,000,000

Rachel Devorah – Radiant Drift (Pan y Rosas Discos)

radiant drift accounts for the relative motion of my daughter and me in spacialized audio as we individuated in gestation. The literal hydrophone recordings are set in counterpoint against a poetic rendering in analog electronics.

Lady Beast – The Vulture’s Amulet (Reaper Metal Productions)

Lady Beast’s new album which comes out this Friday is fun and good. It’s currently lifting my spirits out of the dumps with fist pumping riffs and majestic guitar solos.

via Amusing Heavy Metal Pun

Black Holes Are Cannibals – Scoring Kenneth Anger I (Infinity Mirror Records)

Well, we’re all going to hell as fast as our little feet can carry us, but at least we have this to hurry us along

live soundtrack of Kenneth Anger’s ‘Invocation of My Demon Brother’

via Unending Subletities

LISE – At Home With​.​.​.​(​songs for solitude) Vol. 02 (La Petite Chambre Records)

“At Home With…(songs for solitude)” – an inside project facing the outbreak. Every week a new artist is invited to share two unreleased songs.

For the second round, we’re proud to share the themes from Daniel Nunes and his solo project, Lise.

Hotel Neon – Tortured Shapes (Self Released)

Born in the mountains of West Virginia; completed during quarantine in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Dayton.

All money goes to WHO’s COVID-19 response fund; we will match the first $500.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

r beny – Natural Fiction (A Place to Bloom)

If you listen to one new album today, make it natural fiction by @_rbeny.

Austin makes some of the most emotionally poignant electronic music.

via Conor C. Ellis

Architrave – This Perfect Day (Tin Can Recordings)

I want everyone to check out and follow @ArchitraveBand, a dreampop duo I’m super excited about! Their phenomenal debut album is out today for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. Give them a listen!

via Cat Temper


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