Preview – Hopscotch 2019
Preview – Hopscotch 2019

Preview – Hopscotch 2019

2019 edition of Hopscotch Music Festival is kicking off tomorrow and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than through a video playlist.
Now its not just another playlist, but a very special one, since we wanted to highlight lesser-known bands/artists on the bill whose songs, videos and live performances we happened to like. Think everything from free jazz to noise/punk/garage rock to hip-hop/R&B and you might have an idea of what Hopscotch is all about (the keyword is “diversity”).
Extra shout out (and a hug) goes to our friend and associate Teenage Riot TV who currently fights a severe case of cabin fever in Raleigh. Follow his Twitter account to learn more about his adventures and dealings with hurricane Dorian.
Now, back onto the subject at hand…

Mutant Strain – 4 Song Promo
Secret Shame – Who Died In Our Backyard
Mourning Cloak – Iron Man
D-Town Brass – Live @ The Station
MJ Lenderman – Bobby
GG King – Adult Rock
Jooselord Magnus – Pirates
Midnite Snaxx – A Guy Like That B/W Jackie 7″
Oak City Slums – Live @ Input Electronic Series
Long Hots – Live @ Sunnyvale
Grace Ives – Babyyy
Pat Junior – Sketch: Growth + Water
Anteloper – Live @ Halyards
Lonnie Walker – Heartbreakin’ Ball
Niecy Blues – Ways
Booker Stardrum – Drim Dram
Savage Knights – Foolish Miracles
Zah – Baby Bunny
David Nance Group – Credit Line (Live @ 4AD)
Sunwatchers – Herd of Creeps
Jon Mueller – Canto
Zen Mother – Death Visions
Nest Egg – Live at Hopscotch 2017
Yowler – Water
White Hills – Paradise
Bambara – Jose Tries to Leave
Ahleuchatistas – Shelter in Place (Live @ Hopscotch 2017)
J.R. Bohannon & Alexander Turnquist – Improvisation #2 | Live @ Birdwatcher Studios
You can also take a trip to the past with our footage from Hopscotch 2017 and a report on last year’s festival courtesy of Fertanish.


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