Listening Room // Music Recommendations for May 2020: Pt. 1
Listening Room // Music Recommendations for May 2020: Pt. 1

Listening Room // Music Recommendations for May 2020: Pt. 1

Roundup of music recommendations from May – courtesy of our followers! More recommendations in our archives.


Tarentel – Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun (Music Fellowship)

Immediately following the release of their acclaimed 2004 album, We Move Through Weather, Tarentel built on their forward momentum by recording another several hours worth of material, its fate to be determined at a later date. Tarentel don’t follow up their albums so much as follow through them. To that end, Ghetto Beats On The Surface Of The Sun is more of an exploded view of the world the band has built and un-built for over a decade, each track acting as a map to an increasingly cosmic landscape.

via cowsarejustfood

Get Hustle – Now We’Re All Gone (Gold Standard Laboratories)

Free jazz spy/surf soundtrack cabaret from an alternate and terrifying but maybe less dimension.

Sic Alps – Long Way Around To A Short Cut (Drag City)

This band harkened back to the early days of Drag City for me, the ramshackle noisy joy of early Pavement, the postmodern classic rock pastiche bilge of Royal Trux, and the morbid creep of Smog.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

John Costello – Epoch: Sonic Blueprints 1986​-​1990 (subunitfour)

subunitfour is the production entity of john costello, creator of art synthpop darkwave electronica.

via T2,000,000

Pete Murphy – Lay De Yaled (Self Released)

Ambient / Noise / Drone / Atmospheric / Sound Art.

via Ergo Phizmiz

Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves (Beggars Banquet / Cleopatra)

Don’t listen to much music from my teens, this I still play though. Chrome innit? I still hear new things in it.


mourning dove, reagan, luke/legends of america, danielle, brenna – uayalceh (Cavern Brew Records)

acoustic noise, spoken word, perfect for morning listening, out now

JC LEISURE – Mutations For (Warm Winters Ltd.)

Warm Winters Ltd. is pleased to announce JC Leisure’s latest solo release, ‘Mutations For’. The album is built from the artist’s collection of mixtapes from circa 1992 onwards that distil the counterculture of rave, free parties and pirate radio broadcasts.

2020 is the year of post punk and coldwave

Bambara – Stray (Wharf Cat Records)
Lunacy – Age of Truth (Third Coming Records)
Adult. – Perception is/as/of deception ()
Augustus Miller (boy harsher) – Machine learning Experiments OST ()
Pod Blotz – Transdimensional System ()

via chad mewtwo

Celebrating the Victory Day by playing music you guys shared.

Two notable pieces talk to me more than others, though they contrast each other in mood:

Snowdream – A Good Feeling (Virtual Beach Club)

The Doomed Bird of Providence – Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us (Front and Follow)

via Binaural Space

DCKM – S/T (Self Released)

Working on a side-project with Chicago artist David Criner, DCKM is an electro-acoustic / ambient EP

via Neuro…No Neuro

Roy Montgomery – Temple IV (Kranky)

the vibe this evening

via Jake Muir

Hïdrō / u-mano u-dito – Abaftings / distancing process: hanging by a thread. (Trium Circulorum)

John Carroll Kirby – My Garden (Stones Throw)

essentially a library album; RIYL the dreamy moods of Bremer/McCoy

via Bill Barnett

Chris Child & Micah Frank – Tape Pieces Vol. 2 (FOIL)

This is quite lovely. Thankyou to whoever recommended this to me on Bandcamp Day.

Tape Pieces Vol. 2 represents the next installment in a series of collaborations between Micah Frank and Chris Child (Kodomo).

While Tape Pieces Volume One focused on the layering and cascading of asynchronous tape loops, this second EP pushes the analog material further into drone territory, dissolving the sense of a repetition through the heavy use of filtering with effects so the loops blur together and bear a faint echo of resemblance to its source. The pieces are slower to evolve, exploring longer and amorphous forms, as in “Static Wheels”, which clocks in at just over 10 minutes.

via Dublock

Storm Crew – Password (Extraphone)

My family was always a Sprite family instead of a Coke family (I don’t really drink soda anymore, though). What this means is that I feel weirdly happy that this jungle track on a Russian CD filled with Sprite advertisements is great.

via Joshua Minsoo Kim

Buffalo Daughter – Pshychic A-Go-Go (V2)

experimental Japanese rock band. 1min they’re in trip-hop atmosphere &minutes later,in same song,they launch into driving kosmische version of a Pink Floyd ‘One of These Days’ type jam. every song has surprising twists.

via Arise

Minced Oath – Supersede (Countersunk)

Written, performed and recorded over two weeks in the summer of 2017, Dunk Murphy (Sunken Foal) returns under the new moniker of ‘Minced Oath’ with 15 tracks of ambient soundscapes. Using a collection of analogue synthesizers, vintage outboard effects and a simple mixing desk, each track was improvised and recorded straight to two track with no edits or composites. Sometimes serene, sometimes malevolent, ‘Supersede’ weaves through dense sonic peaks and troughs where the hum of electricity meets the texture of organic matter.

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