Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 2
Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 2

Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 2

Music from Providence and Rhode Island

See also – Volume 1

Second volume of OMMtP series (named after Morphine song) dedicated to our upcoming show in Providence! Hear songs from all the artists playing the show + their side/solo projects + music from Prov/Ri we hand-picked from Bandcamp!

Head over to FB event page to see more details on the show and/or buy tickets! Hope to see you there.

And don’t forget – there’s even more mixes and playlists in our archives.


Matt “MV” Valentine – Louis Collins > Lew Orbits

Wet Tuna – Disco Bev

Guiding Light – Jesus (Half Remix)

Retsoor – Here Comes My Girls

Catherine Sikora and Brian Chase – rigged

Drums and Drones – Invocation Drone

Skyjelly – Truth in Whine

Dr. Wolfbear – Motherboard

Barbara Morgenstern – Live Fast, Die Young! (Petridisch Remix)

Petridisch – Aria 01

Petridisch – Music in Contrary Motion (for Farfisa, Synth and Vocaloid)

Solilians – A Planet Of My Own

Electric Djinn – Jaguar and Monkey X

Allysen Callery – O Deathless & Divine

Lobotomizer – Ticks

Museum Legs – Double Helix.

Daughters – City Song

Oceans Of The Moon – Hope Will Pass

Brown Bird – Fingers To The Bone

The Traps – Boom Pow Awesome Wow


He Heard Footsteps – The Overview Effect

Dark Sunny Land – Starr Lette

katie greenwood ross – BLOOD MOON

Snowplows – Old Maid

Bochek – Ray Gun

belll – People Start Seeing Things

Volcano Kings – Calling UFO Pork Pie no. 9

Wax On – A Walk Among the Crows

lazy magnet – Cure For Heaven

NOVA ONE – where you are

jjaazz – Exogesis

Zurich Cloud Motors – A Hair Raising Memory

Roz and the Rice Cakes – Do You

CYBERBULLY – [_____]

Chimp Jaw – Chimp Country

Video Shoppe – Straight to the Heart (7877)

Twin Foxes – Mountain

A Troop of Echoes – Manifest and Legion

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