New Music Releases – October 2019: Pt. 1
New Music Releases – October 2019: Pt. 1

New Music Releases – October 2019: Pt. 1

New Music Releases

Talking about all the new music coming out this October! Jump into our archives to hear even more new sounds from 2019.


ARIEL PINK✨AP TBT, 2008✨ ARIEL ARCHIVES ramping up: Albums Underground, Loverboy, and Odditties Vol. 2 on the way✨ Odditties Vol. 2 consists of non-album tracks, outtakes, and rarities 1999 – 2018✨

All 3 albums out Oct 25

Mexican Summer via Weirdo Music Forever

Michael Vincent Walter – For Pauline (Unseen Worlds)

from ’s upcoming LP “Moments” — a piece in tribute to Pauline Oliveros

Robedoor – Negative Legacy (Deathbomb Arc)

New ~Robedoor~ wooooo omg best album ever

The filthiest of dungeon crawling synth-noise acts has returned. Let the universe howl in despair, Robedoor is delivering to us their ‘Negative Legacy’. This is the duo’s 1st full length album for Deathbomb Arc, on the heels of decades worth of one offs and comp tracks for the label (including a collaboration with Grammy and Tony winning member of clipping, Daveed Diggs).

via Max Burke

bdrmm – If Not, When? (Sonic Cathedral)

We are really pleased to announce the signing of @smellybdrmm – the brilliant new band from Hull. We will release their debut EP, ‘If Not, When?’ on October 11 #GetReadyForBdrmm

Theodore Cale Schafer – Patience (Students of Decay)

‘spontaneity & ephemerality over preciousness & decorum…rough-hewn, confessional & teeming with possibility’

Theodore Cale Schafer (@tcstcstcstcstcs)’s debut, ‘Patience’, adds further to @studentsofdecay’s superb catalogue

via Lend Me Your Ears

William Doyle – Your Wilderness Revisited (Self Released)

My new album is called Your Wilderness Revisited and will be released on 18th October. Can’t describe how it feels to finally be able to tell you this news

via Eoin Murray

worriedaboutsatan – Blind Tiger (This Is It Forever)

Blind Tiger is the fifth studio album from worriedaboutsatan, which is now comprised solely of founder member Gavin Miller.

Recorded as a duo, and in tandem with the band’s previous album ‘Revenant’, the record focuses more on dark, claustrophobic atmospheres and frayed sonics.

The Leaf Library – The World Is A Bell (wiaiwya)

The World Is A Bell is an ambitious and expansive update of The Leaf Library’s warm, hypnotic drone-pop encompassing gently pulsing electronics, chiming guitars, minimalist piano, acoustic and synthesised drones, noise, improv and intricate brass and string arrangements, all in the service of the band’s most assured and experimental songwriting yet.

Marrow – Aviation Of Pontius Pilate (Icy Palms Records)

Marrow re-emerges for the 3rd instrumental album, and the first official Marrow project in 13 years. Assisted by Shortock (1200HOBOS) on the Cuts, and Mastered by Ilya Id (New Cocoon), Aviation of Pontius Pilate moves at the speed of self-destruction, the transport of chemical transcendence, and the hectic instrumentation of rapidly advancing technology. Both virtuoso and schizoid, Marrow glides between diverse modes and genres; from the intrepid Grime/Trap of Cumulus Loud, to the sinister Boom-Bap of Pandemonium, and to the flechette-like Trip Hop of M41A Pulse Rifle, A.O.P.P never allows itself to be trapped by any single paradigm.

via Brzowski

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏 (幽霊リズム) (Wharf Cat Records)

Yeah, sure, you could tell me you’re equally influenced by Bo Diddley and Cantonese Opera, or you could just take the money directly out of my pocket.

via Bernie, I cannot click the books

Claire M. Singer – Train (Touch)

Claire M. Singer put out my second favorite drone record in 2016 on 2xCD. Now there’s a 2xLP that compiles the first disc from that one plus her only other release (an EP) so yeah this record is some premium fucking drone.

via Anti-Gravity Bunny

Cacero Lazo – Regime Of Calm (Submarine Broadcasting Company)

what’s that? the magnus opus that is ‘regime of calm’ from cacero lazo? you can stream one of the tracks right now? it’s available digitally, on cassete and cd from @SubCastCo? who said you cant have cake and also eat it? why did they say that? etc. etc.

Olivia’s World – Olivia’s World EP (Lost Sound Tapes)

Official artwork and two preview tracks now up on @Bandcamp for the Olivia’s World cassette tape. Pre-order if you’re feeling it.

Gray Acres – Material Forces (Whitelabrecs)

Gray Acres are brothers Michael and Andrew Tasselmyer, whose debut album was released last year on Sound In Silence. The project began in 2017 as another creative avenue for these two artists, who are already established as Hotel Neon as well as working on other collaborations and solo ventures. Andrew records under his own name as well as working with Tobias Hellkvist as Mordançage whereas Mike records under the alias Transient Sounds.

Andrew Heath & Anne Chris Bakker – a gift for the Ephemerist (Rusted Tone Recordings)

Second release from the ongoing collaboration between Dutch, ambient guitarist Anne Chris Bakker and British, minimal pianist and sound-recordist Andrew Heath. These four pieces chart a slow moving, lower case journey inspired by place and process. Combining tonal washes and textural recordings punctuated by pointillist piano and guitar notes to produce music that creates an ephemeral, dreamlike stasis.

Real Life Rock & Roll Band – Hollerin’ the Spirit (Geomancy Records)

Hollerin’ the Spirit is the debut full length from Oakland rock quartet Real Life Rock & Roll Band.

Recorded at the storied Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco in 2016, after a long incubation the band is excited to present their utopic visionary rock music on Oakland-based creative music label Geomancy.

The group applies minimalist process music techniques to country-tinged dual guitar riffs in the long tradition of Henry Flynt’s Nova’billy or Tetuzi Akiyama.

via Aaronn O)))

Imani Coppola – The Protagonist (Ipecac Recordings)

“A blast of gleeful punk nihilism.”- Afropunk


Tales of Halloween – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Burning Witches Records)

Named “the best horror anthology since Trick ‘r Treat” by Fangoria and “among the best Halloween-themed horror movies ever made” by DailyDead, this critically acclaimed film weaves together ten chilling tales from horror’s top directors. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the devil delight in terrorizing unsuspecting residents of a suburban neighbourhood on Halloween night.

Chillingly scored by veteran heavyweights such as Lalo Schifrin (Amittyville Horror, Dirty Harry) and Joseph Bishara (Insidious, The conjuring) alongside so many ghoulish tracks by Christian Henson (The Devil’s Double), Austin Wintory (Journey), Christoper Drake (Tusk), Bobby Johnston (Mother’s Day), Michael Sean Colin (Killjoy Goes to Hell), Edwin Wendler (Unnatural), Jimmy Psycho (The Jimmy Psycho Experiment) and Sean Spillane (Jug Face)

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