Listen: Guest Mix by Andrew Tasselmyer
Listen: Guest Mix by Andrew Tasselmyer

Listen: Guest Mix by Andrew Tasselmyer

Exploring the relationship between sound, memory, and place.

Philadelphia is quickly becoming one of our top destinations for discovery of new and eclectic sounds, whether we’re talking labels or artists. Time to add another name to the list of Philly artists we would like to keep our eyes (and ears) on – Andrew Tasselmyer.
Andrew is a member of Hotel Neon and The Sound of Rescue (along with his brother Michael), but his solo discography has been growing. Solo work is also a focus of the mix that he made for us – 4 of his own tracks mixed with music by Paperbark, r beny and many others!

A lot of recent favorites, some older than others, but all bound together by a sense of space & dynamic textures. I interspersed the mix with some forgotten tape loops, field recordings, and unreleased material laying around in my studio.



Andrew Tasselmyer – Unknown Tape Loop / Field Recording
Corey Fuller – “A Handful of Dust”Break (12k)
ghost and tape – “Eostre”Vár (Home Normal)
Andrew Tasselmyer – Unknown Field Recording
Chubby Wolf – “Vintage Night”Maudlin & Elusive (Teosinthe) – RIP
Bethan Kellough – “Low”Aven (Touch)
Andrew Tasselmyer – “From Out of the Depths” – Surface Textures (forthcoming Eilean)
Nest – “Wheatstone”Retold (Serein)
Strië – “Unseen Weight”Perpetual Journey (Serein)
Lee Yi – “Red Mud”Eslandtika (Shimmering Moods)
SVLBRD – “Stratus” – Stratus (Faint)
Paperbark & r beny – “Heard the Woods Again” – Reasons to Live (Seil Records)
Kate Carr – “1001 (Missed Connections)” – The Story Surrounds Us (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Andrew Tasselmyer & Patrick Spatz – Unfinished Fragment

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