Listen: Guest Mix by Knife Hits Records
Listen: Guest Mix by Knife Hits Records

Listen: Guest Mix by Knife Hits Records

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Knife Hits
The process of smoking marijuana by heating up the tips of butter knives til they’re extremely hot, taking pieces of bud and pressing them between the tips of the flaming hot knives and sucking the created smoke through a funnel of some sort. Quite effect and a very nice clean burn.
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Not to be confused with screamo band of the same name (that made its way into a mix that Letters From a Tapehead did for us few years ago), Knife Hits Records is a Philly label specializing in punk, sludge and noise rock records. Their hour long mix collects material from both the label’s vaults (Fight Amp, Low Dose) and from bands affiliated with the label (Plaque Marks, Pale Shelter, Gunna Vahm).



Low Dose – Right On
Lesser Light – Grinding Along
Fight Amp – I Perceive Reptoids
Gunna Vahm – Seein Stars
Lovelorn – Black Cash
Ecstatic Vision – Keep It Loose
Plaque Marks – Oregon Chem Trail
Sleep Tactics – Don’t Protect Yourself
Hulk Smash – 21st Century Schizoid Man
Rubber – Public Restroom
Pale Shelter – No Cable
Fight Amp – American Youth
Low Dose – For Sure
Arcadius – Caged and Crazy
Vultures – Hole
Plaque Marks – Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship
Gunna Vahm – Nothing

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