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Fresh batch of listening suggestions from our followers!

Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly

Jammy’s Records, 1985

Produced by King Jammy with the computerized “Sleng Teng” riddim. Tenor Saw was killed in a hit & run accident in 1988 at the age of 22 

Suggested by Sean Walters

C Moody Crews – T Zero

Self Released, 2018

drones for consideration

Amp – Souvenir

Wurlitzer Jukebox, 1996

AMP are Richard Walker and Karine Charff, usually joined by several others.  On this album, Matt Jones (Crescent, Movietone, Flying Saucer Attack) and Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundation, Flying Saucer Attack) appear.  Very similar to FSA but more spooky, with much noise and distortion, and mantra-like spoken-word vocals by Karine Charff.

Suggested by Vogon Laundromat

Long Distance Poison – Knock Magh

Hausu Mountain, 2018

Evolving synth patches begin as slow-dripping textural expanses and blossom into rich beds of harmony lined with accents of fine-grain alien noise.

Country Teasers – Your English

In The Red, 2006 / 2015

suggested by Tony F Wilson

Toydrum – T6

Bold Model, 2018
suggested by Pussyfooting

The Vogue – A Doll Spits Cubes

Ton Um Ton, 1981 / Cien Fuegos, 2013
Suggested by Harry the Hitmaker

Drooping Finger – Arthur’s Hell

Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings, 2018

Drooping Finger aka Jonas Halsall has managed to create such a richly textured Final or Jeck-like evolving soundscape in his release Arthur’s Hell that I’m actually dumbstruck. In turns washes of white noise and in others huge roomy string pads. Buy it.

Suggested by Pete Haughie

Flaming Lips – Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Warner Bros, 2003
suggested by Methodrone

Cop Shoot Cop – Surprise, Surprise

Interscope, 1993

Was right into these in the 90’s. This tune is very relevant now

Suggested by Mike Stanton

Knower – The Govt. Knows

Self Released, 2016
suggested by Tim Kai

Sonic Youth – Shadow of a Doubt

SST Records, 2016
suggested by Lorna Irvine

The Reverberations – Changes

Beluga Music, 2019
suggested by Dead Man Radio

Green Circles – Watermelon Sugar Blues

Off The Hip, 2013
suggested by Toni Hate

Klator – Mosaic

Silber Records, 2018

Klator makes an analog spacetronica 5 minute soundtrack for space travel & sci-fi romance. 

Zobel – Daedrahedron

LOM, 2018

Close to my house where I grew up was a power line that constantly buzzed and sang in the wind. This sound was my all-time companion, it became an integral part of me whether I was sitting in a garden or strolling along muddy lakes. I even heard it while falling asleep. After moving to Daugavpils, I strongly felt its absence. Deadrahedron is an attempt at calling it back, a meditation that helps me come back to the forests surrounding my house or lets me wander through a power line wherever I want. I always listen to it before sleep or when I am filled with longing.

Doc Wör Mirran – Overtly Groin

Empty Records, 1989
Suggested by T2,000,000

The Fierce & The Dead – The Euphoric

Bad Elephant Music, 2018

If you want a CD before Christmas now is the time to order

Tales of Murder and Dust – Hypnotized Narcissist

Self Released, 2012 / Fuzz Club, 2016
Suggested by Nick Cyanide

Dead C – Children

Flying Nun, 1989/1992 / Ba Da Bing/Jagjaguwar, 2008
Suggested by Raj Patel

Small Life Forms – Christmas Tones

Silber Records, 2018

Glockenspiels & reverb sounds like it would be some kind of new age release, but somehow Small Life Form makes it sound aggressive & menacing, just like Christmas.

Hopewell – Incantatio

Cutty Shark, 2001

B-side from The Angel is My Watermark single. Produced by Matt Talbut / Hum. Video art by Mike Soderling / Priapus Records.

Suggested by Jason Sebastian Russo / retsoor

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