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Ira Bobbins

Rumors circulated in the 80s that the infamous critic Ira Bobbins have died, but we received a rare honor to prove that those rumors were utterly wrong. Turns out he simply decided to lay low for a while and in what turned to be an incredible stroke of luck for us, he decided to give IHN some of his thoughts on modern music/new albums. Read on…

On Vaporwave

Listen this vaporwave stuff ain’t gonna last. These babies can’t even sleep through the night, and take it from a Robotusin freak!

Pretty soon it’s going to be holed up in a bunker waiting for the orange glow of the nuclear holocaust with a jukebox ipad with nothing but ‘Mmmmbop’ and this hot garbage.

On McCartney III

Oh sure when you’re little cousin records a bedroom pop album it’s stoner-y and can’t keep an attention span to save its life, but when Macca does it…

On a Different Note:


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