Guest Mix – Matt Finney (Finneyerkes)
Guest Mix – Matt Finney (Finneyerkes)

Guest Mix – Matt Finney (Finneyerkes)

Matt Finney, formerly of the band Finneyerkes, is a seemingly depressed Alabama man with story to tell (Stereokiller)
Matt also recorded with Ukrainian composer Heinali and contributed to numerous digital compilations from I Heart Noise!
Future – Salute
if you want something to break your windows out look no further.
Drake – Summer Sixteen
wheelchair jimmy has the most exciting sound in rap. anytime him 40
work together on a song it’s magic. thank you 6 god.
Kevin Gates – Pride
kevin gates is a legend. my favorite rapper and this has my vote for
the most heartbreaking song of the year.
dvsn – Hallucinations
probably my favorite new favorite band. i get all in my feelings
whenever this one comes on.
Bryson Tiller – Been That Way
this track proved to me that he had something special and that he
didn’t just write songs for white girls to use as captions for their
instagram pics.
Brian Fallon – Rosemary
he has this weird thing where he always releases and album right when
i need it. Painkillers is my most listened to album of 2016 and it’s
probably gonna end up being my album of the year. i can’t get enough
of it.
Deftones – Prayers/Triangles
i have no idea how they keep getting better and better but i’m
thankful for it. chino sounds like an angel here.
Partynextdoor – Come and See Me (feat. Drake)
another nocturnal slow jam for all of us sad boys out there.

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