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Deadhorse is a post-rock band from Erie, PA. Starting in the fall
of 2009, the original intent of Deadhorse was to be a transition
from Brian Morgante’s solo music into full band. After doing a
few shows with the full band material, the band started writing
new material as a four piece: Brian Morgante on guitar, Rachel
Shesman on piano, Josh Travis on bass, and Craig Sucharski on
Further Info: Last.fm / Bandcamp / MySpace / Twitter

Johnny Fun & The Hesitations play nice tunes that
make you smile on the inside. In 2003 they were
voted one of the 12 best bands in Drogheda, Co Louth,
Ireland; quite an achievement.
JF&TH were once victims of the geography and only
gigged at Christmas for their mams and dads, but now JF&TH are
gigging more than ever before.
Further Info:  Official Site / MySpace / Bandcamp
FEASTofFETUS has been described as: “what it would
sound like if Lewis Carroll made music” and “like strolling
through a haunted Moroccan street fair”. All songs were
written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered
by Jess Cron in his home studio. In order to play these songs live,
a live band was assembled which includes the talents of: Mike Caffell on drums, Jess Cron on
vocals, (Pesci) Jeff Gray on guitars, Travis Kimble on guitars, Ian Malcolm on keys, and Adam
Scott Paul on bass.
Further Info: Muxtape / MySpace / Twitter
And, finally, two slightly mysterious one-man drone/ambient/noise
Rectum hails from NYC and prefers to builds music out of found
sounds, as opposed to using any preconceived ideas.
Drohnwerks material appeared on such labels as Noise-Joy,
Digital Vomit and ISIGTUTEOT.

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