Gone In 60 Seconds – Artwork Credit + Interview – T.D. Flynn
Gone In 60 Seconds – Artwork Credit + Interview – T.D. Flynn

Gone In 60 Seconds – Artwork Credit + Interview – T.D. Flynn

Artwork for “Gone In 60 Sec.” was provided by T.D. Flynn, a graphic/cartoon illustrator based in California. He makes cartoon drawings by hand and color them on the computer.
In addition to drawing/painting, he also did/can do character/toy design, posters, silkscreen printing, storyboards, stencils and children illustration. He can also create mean grill cheese sandwiches, have 3 cats and a wife and photos to prove it.
An interview:
1. Couldn’t help but notice a feline theme running through much of your artwork – is that intentional or not?
Louis Wain was another artist who did a lot of cat drawings and were you influenced by him in any way?
Even though the feline isn’t too present in the graphics I made for this project, in my personal works they are definitely a major theme. It’s simply that I like drawing cartoons of my cats, so it only
seemed fitting to include them in my art. I like to think of them as little imps or mischievous deities that symbolize things like creation, fate, luck, the ego, and mysticism.
And despite never having actually heard of Louis Wain before, upon looking at his work I can see lots of parallels.
2. Who/what would you consider your biggest influences?Contemporaries: McBess, Barnaby Ward, Steak Mtn., Fighting, TJ Cowgill, Katie Rice, Alex Chiu, Johnny Ryan, KAWS, Moira Hahn, Kiyohiko Azuma, Tony Ohtsuka

Masters: Osamu Tezuka, Theodor Seuss Geisel, Gary Panter, Herge, Dali, Kenichi Sonoda, R. Crumb, Jim Woodring, Katsuhiro Otomo, Art Spiegelman, CAPCOM, Studio Gainax, Windsor McCay
Please look at them all and if there are other influences that you see in my work that I might not have noticed, I would like to know what you know.
3. How do you think the music influence you/your art? (if at all)
I’ve always enjoyed not only music, but the visuals that came with the sound. Trying to get an image to feel like the music sounds is always a challenge but is very satisfying when it works. I hope that the images that I made
for this compilation reflect that.
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