Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants – Pavonine + Scrapbooker + Jodienda + Trunks
Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants – Pavonine + Scrapbooker + Jodienda + Trunks

Gone In 60 Seconds – Participants – Pavonine + Scrapbooker + Jodienda + Trunks

Pavonine was formed in Texas in 2008 out of the noise project
Naught for 3. Focusing on ambient soundscapes, and heavily
influenced by projects and artists such as William Basinski,
The Hafler Trio, Coil, Lustmord, The Conet Project, Pavonine
uses found sound, loops, field recordings, and freesound along
with software to create sounds most suited for headphones and
darkened rooms.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace
Scrapbooker was formed in a garage in Edmonton in 2009 from
the still-warm ashes of the Mark Birtles Project, following a week
long sojourn to the world-capital of decadence and debauchery,
Las Vegas. They combine fiery rock-and-roll theatrics with jarring
stop/start rhythms and spoken-word pieces about absent friends,
televised suicide, and cats-who-blog. Their first album, “Lying For the
Sake of Lying” was produced over the winter of 2009, and was released on May 7th, 2010.
Further Info: Last.fm / MySpace / Bandcamp
Jodienda means clusterfuck in Puerto Rican slang. This particular
Jodienda came about when the music Steve Formel made while
working on a cargo ship in the Caribbean melded with John
Melillo’s backwoods brand of noise. Singable melodies, strange
dissonances, weird forms, and oceanic noise…Jodienda reckon
sound with a deliberately stripped down instrumentation–two
electric guitars and a bass drum. Sounding somewhere between Liars and Nick Cave,
its a spooky mess.
Unfortunately, Jodienda are no more as John and Steve parted ways. John Melillo’s
new project is called Algae & Tentacles (more info below).
Further Info: A&T – MySpace / Jodienda – MySpace / Jodienda – Last.fm
Trunks is an alternative/experimental sextet from
France, which includes Laetitia Shériff, Régis Boulard,
Stéphane Fromentin, Régis Gautier, Daniel Paboeuf and
Florian Marzano.
They like to call themselves an artistic collective rather than
a group.
Further Info: MySpace / Last.fm

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