Download – ZNS Tapes – Splits + Special Editions
Download – ZNS Tapes – Splits + Special Editions

Download – ZNS Tapes – Splits + Special Editions

Third (and final) part of overview of ZNS Tapes catalogue is dedicated to split albums and special edition boxes that came out on label. Special edition boxes are available for download here and split tapes can be found here.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s available for download in “Special Editions” and “Split Tapes” sections of ZNS Tapes website:
Besttatungistitut / Mohr – Schizophrenie
Split between solo projects of two German musicians – Siegmar Fricke and Andreaz Vogel (Skrank!)
Big City Orchestra / Haters – Progressive Composition
Split between San-Francisco based BCO (led primarily by Robo and Das) and California-based Haters, who are led primarily by GX Jupiter-Larsen.
r-791625-1187546271Brain Ink / Nostalgie Eternelle – Experiments From The Laboratory
Split between Brain Ink (whose country of origin is unclear) and NE from Germany
Dead Goldfish Ensemble / Phaeton Derniere Danse РKönigstraum
DGE is Steve Hartwell (Machine Maid Man), while PDD is a moniker that French musician Alain Basso used for some of his solo projects.
Due / Y Create – !
Split between Due (Spain) and Y Create, solo project of Hessel Veldman (FNTC, Gorgonzola Legs).
Flagrants D’Eli /¬† Mohr – Little Parade
Split between FD and Mohr (a.k.a. Andreaz Vogel).
Gerfried Feistritzer / Lyke Wake – Wolken
Split between G. Feistritzer and Lyke Wake (Stefano Di Serio).
Ignore Alien Orders / Sebastian Gandera – Wegens Herindeling Gesloten
Split between IAO (Germany) and Sebastian Gandera (a.k.a.f Eric Morin)
Ignore Alien Orders / Majorana – Blue Conflict
Split between IAO (Germany) and Majorana from Italy.
Las Animas / Vulture’s Eye – Kahlo
Split between a solo project of Antonio Sanchez Uribe (Mexico) and Vulture’s Eye (Germany).
Liquid G / Vomito Negro – Musical Art Conjuct Of Sound
Split between Peter Van Bogaert and Belgian band Vomito Negro.
r-1044811-1207227201Mohr / Heavy Vampires On Nuclear Waste – The Strong Arm Of The Law
Split between Mohr (a.k.a. Andreaz Vogel) and HVONW (who also recorded under the name Gypsy).
r-893045-1170006816Mohr / Tam Quam Tabula Rasa – D.O.D. / Leipsanon
Split between Mohr (a.k.a. Andreaz Vogel) and TQTR from Italy.
Mohr / Ultima Rota Carri – Out Of World
Split between Mohr (a.k.a. Andreaz Vogel) and URC from Italy.
mouthRecycled Body Programm / Vidna Obmana – In The Mouth Of The Reptile
Split between RBP (a.k.a. Bart Hanselaar) and Vidna Obmana (Dirk Serries).
Special Edition Boxes
Burokratie Box
This was originally released as 3x cassette set and contained 6 long tracks (30 minute each) by Mohr, Das Konzentrat, Bestattungsinstitut and Suicide Commando.
Kulturschock Box
Also released as 3x cassette set with 6 long tracks by Mohr, Andrew Chalk / Darren Tate, Ectoplasmic Embryo Experience and Flagrants D’eli.


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