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Second part of overview of work by German label ZNS Tapes is dedicated to their full-length releases, all of which are available for download here.

Here’s a breakdown of full-length release available from ZNS:
r-1299793-1207632685Bestattungsinstitut – Bestattunginstut (originally released as a cassette in 1990)
Bestattunginstut was the name that German musician Siegmar Fricke used both for his solo project and his own label (which, confusingly enough, also released his self-titled tape).
Flagrants D’eli – Welcome To The Space Asylum
Flagrants D’eli was a duo of Eli Perin and Fred Perin, which was active in the late 80s and early 90s. They produced a number of tapes, EPs and 7″ records, as well as a whole number of compilation tracks for such labels as Tears Compilations, Irre Tapes and ZNS.
Kopfschmerztablette – Object 2 Oder Einfahrt Freihalten
Kopfschmerztablette is another one-man German band, which consisted of one Michael Wurzer who also recorded under the name Deutsches Kulturgut.
Maeror Tri – Ambient Dreams (originally released in 1990 as a limited edition tape)
This is one of the earliest works by this German trio and one of the few ZNS releases that got digital treatment – the album was reissued by Beta-Lactam Ring Records in 2007.
religiousMohr – Religious Fanaticism (originally released in 1987) + Fasci(st)nation (originally released in 1990)
This is a solo project of Andreaz Vogel –  one of the creators of ZNS Tapes, who also ran another label called Gewalt Am Objekt. He also recorded under the name Skrank!
Secret Discovery – S/T
One of the earlier records by this German band, which went on to record/tour well into the 21st century.
Suicide Commando – S/T + This Is Hate
Some of the earlier work by this Belgian band.
noxiaTam Quam Tabula Rasa – Noxia Blandimenta / Ultima Rota Carri – Epidekelon
TQTR is an Italian band, which released records on such labels as Old Europa Cafe and Blad Records.  URC are/were their alter ego, who released material through Minus Habens and Blade Records, among other labels.
Vulture’s Eye – Kanonenfutter
VE was A trio of Carl Schorb, Kenneth Gray and Andreaz Vogel (Mohr, Skrank!), which was active in the late 80s/early 90s.

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