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German label ZNS Tapes run from 1987 to 1993 and released numerous compilations and full albums, most of which are hard to find these days. Now, thanks to efforts of Andreaz Vogel (Møhr), one of the label’s founders, majority of its releases are available for download.

Here’s a breakdown of compilations from ZNS that are available for download here:
Abortion Of Souls – 1992 compilation, with tracks by A Gethsemani (France), La Function De Repulsa (Mexico), S.A.N.K, Ectoplasmic Embryo Experience (Belgium), Unknown Project (Germany), Vulture’s Eye (Germany) and Alvars Orkester (Sweden).
cortisolCortisol – 1989 compilation, with tracks by Ulrich Blume (Germany), Absent Music (Belgium), Nostalgie Eternelle (Germany), S-Core (Japan), E!Truncheon (Belgium), Brain Ink, Incubated Sounds (Germany), Suicide Commando (Belgium), Enema & Gejonte (Sweden), Harald “Sack” Ziegler (Germany), Acid Dreams, Liquid G. (Belgium), Forbidden Photographs, Unknown Project (Germany), Dillema, Solanacea Tau (Germany), Vidna Obmana (Belgium), X-Ray Pop (France), Trigger B (Germany) and Alimentaire S.A. (France).
Eat Your Pets – 1990 compilation, with tracks by Somewhere In Europe (UK), Flagrants D’eli (France), Stefano Barban (Italy), From Nursery To Misery (UK), Ultima Rota Carri (Italy), Sha 261 (France), Kopfschmerztablette (Germany), Black Flowers, Tam Quam Tabula Rasa (Italy), Nostalgie Eternelle (Germany), Big City Orchestra (US).
Fight The Fascists – 1989 compilation, with tracks by Due, Nostalgie Eternelle (Germany), Entre Des Guerres (Germany), Circle Of Hate, à;GRUMH… (Belgium), Trigger B, X Ray Pop (France), Selfs Without Shells (Netherlands), Icons Of Noise, Grey Wolves (UK), BTF, Solanacae Tau (Germany), E!Truncheon (Belgium) and Stefano Biasin (Italy).
Neither Good Nor Evil – 1990 compilation, with tracks by Ignore Alien Orders (Germany), Machine Maid Man (UK), Mad Corpses Embraced, Mark Dierckx, Voices In The Distance, Age Of Anxiety, Brain Ink, Unknown Suicide Project (Germany / Belgium), T.T.T.F (Italy), Gerfried Feistritzer, Infam (Germany), Chris Mann (Australia) and Somewhere In Europe (UK).
r-907813-1180556109Non-Nuclear War – 1990 compilation, with tracks by Sebastian Gandera (France), Majorana, Møhr (Germany), Tam Quam Tabula Rasa (Italy), Gypsy, Lyke Wake (Italy) and Exterminator (Germany).
No Title – No Problems – (unknown year) Tracks by Desolate Victims, Nature Unveiled, Suicide Commando (Belgium), Das Konzentrat, Hazdam, Ak Ak (Germany), Hermanos Guzanos, Andrew Chalk (UK), Flagrants D’Eli (France),  Mike Shannon (US),  Møhr (Germany), Stin Scatzor (Belgium), Varples Pravles (Portugal) and Las Animas (Mexico).
r-1042958-11873812651The Endless Fight – (unknown year) Ttracks by Møhr (Germany), Kopfschmerztablette (Germany), Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide (Germany), Big City Orchestra (US), Sha 261 (France), Exterminator (Germany), Flagrants D’eli (France), Tam Quam Tabula Rasa (Italy), Black Flowers, From Nursery To Misery (UK) and Ultima Rota Carri (Italy).
There Are Better Things To Do – (unknown year) Tracks by Sha 261 (France), Flagrants D’eli (France), Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide (Germany), Black Flowers (UK), Lescure 13 (Belgium), Mark Dierckx, Brain Ink, Solanacae Tau (Germany), Varples Pravles (Portugal), Vulture’s Eye (Germany), Die Rache (Germany) and Møhr (Germany).
r-1042956-1187381452Up’N’Down – (unknown year) Tracks by Age Of Anxiety, Norvall Olive, Unexperienced Dilletants, Sane, Experiment X, Cells Without Smell, Unknown Suicide Project (Germany / Belgium), Big City Orchestra (US), Weltschmerz (Netherlands), Bestattungsinstitut (Germany), Horse Falls (South Africa), Vidna Obmana (Belgium) and Deleted (France).

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  1. Dear Ilya!
    At first sorry for my bad english
    I found your Name in Discogs.com!
    My Question is:
    The Downloads on your Side are Free downloads?
    All tapes from ZNS?
    i spend the next 2 Week`s in Holliday and sorry in front for my Long Delay after your answer!
    I hope i hear from You!
    Best wishes

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