Dispatches from the Underground // July 13, 2021
Dispatches from the Underground // July 13, 2021

Dispatches from the Underground // July 13, 2021

Available on splatter wax vinyl via Castles in Space soon…‘Interim Report, March 1979’ by warrington-runcorn new town development plan> thoughtful and engaging debut / gordon chapman fox’s hymn and homage to the brutalist beauty of cheshire’s designated new towns of warrington and runcorn (h/t resident)

Nice plate of leftovers from last weekend’s independent record label market served by Burning Witches Records > signed Deadly Avenger, Dorothys Fortress and BurningTapes vinyl.

CD edition of My Life in Cinema by monstrously talented William Carlos Whitten (aka Bill Whitten of St Johnny / Grand Mal fame) is now sold out. Get the digital… not merely an album of idiosyncratic rock but a whole way of looking at the world.

New music from Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart’s Hexa project (via Cyclic Defrost)

Hidden Bay Records got just 1 (!) CD copy of Lost Illusions by Benjamin Belinska left in the vault – hurry up before its gone for good…

Just announced > SP85 | Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley Duo – The Chicago Manual of Style (h/t Lee Rice Epstein)

Travel back to 1937 with Centuries of Sound

rec of the day: TINY HOLES “city of siege: olympia” (k LP) calvin just sent me this ‘un ‘though it’s a couple years old. fantastic archival art-damaged post-punk with steve fisk, bruce pavitt and others, back in ’81. as good as their LAFMS comp track? yep! (via Byron Coley)

Cerberus Vol. 3 (20) > Dolphin Midwives, Arushi Jain, The Reds, Pinks, & Purples,  Shuta Hiraki, Répéter (online zine run by Justin Spicer)

15 years of Cherub Records celebrated through a compilation

Petridisch gets a shout out in Music and Heritage New Perspectives on Place-making and Sonic Identity

Something new from SUUNS / Joyful Noise as well as Don Giovanni / Bad Bad Hats (h/t for this one to Nick Spacek)

Ufomammut got a new website (h/t Steven Cochran)

Some reading via NY TimesBrad Farberman talks about drummer Roy Brooks > The highs (Mingus, Yusef Lateef), the lows (bipolar disorder, prison), and the incredible posthumous album coming this week. If you’re a fan of The Free Slave, this one takes things to the next level

More reading…this one over at Bearded Gentleman Music…Adam P. Newton reflects on new album by Evan Zierk (out on Atlantic Rhythms) > This Is Sublime And Immersive Headphones Music That Requires Your Undivided Attention. I Just Hope My Words Have Convinced You Of Such.

Eternal Home, new LP from Fire-Toolz, is on its way + see a video for Shenpa Indicatoro Light!!!


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