Boston Shows – November 2018
Boston Shows – November 2018

Boston Shows – November 2018

Talking about all the great shows happening in Boston this November!
Chaco / Sadha / The Moonwatch / Edward Cohen (The Middle East)
Jacob Schwartz must be one of the most prolific and inventive guitarists/musicians in the local scene. Want proof? Over the last few years he played/recorded as Scrolling, Along, Eu La and Shinjidrum (with each project sounding nothing like the next one).
And then there’s Sadha – a trio churning out prog-metal like nobody’s business. While that project was largely dormant over the last few years, we’re happy to report that Jacob is back to his roots and Sadha is playing tonight at the Middle East (also on the bill are Chaco, The Moonwatch and Edward Cohen)!

Ray McNamara / Warped Forest / Solei / Grace Givertz (Dorchester Art Project)
Two more names to add to the growing list of local projects/bands that recently woke up from hibernation – Warped Forest (featuring Justin Cole from Banana / one-time editor of Carry the Zero) and Solei (aka Emma from Atlas Lab).
Sharing the bill are Ray McNamara (The Ghost of Electricity) and singer/songwriter Grace Givertz. Presented by Boston Hassle.

28 Degrees Taurus / Violet Nox / The Northeastern Railroads (O’Briens)
Gathering of psychonauts / space travelers including our favorites Violet Nox who recently released Twin Flame via Sleep Fuse, sublabel of UK imprint Reverb Worship.
Also featured on the bill are 28 Degrees Taurus and The Northeastern Railroads.

Edge Petal Burn / Black Beach / Something Sneaky (Charlie’s Kitchen)
Wide mix of styles for this Deep Cuts Deli benefit – think loud rock/grunge (Black Beach) meets two different flavors of indie (Something Sneaky, Edge Petal Burn). Deep Cuts Deli is an arts space being created by Ian David McGregor (aka Eye Design), one of the hardest working people in local music booking business.


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