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Patricia Wolf Bandcamp Recommendations

Patricia Wolf is a musician, sound designer, and curator residing in Portland, Oregon. Wolf uses electronics, voice, and field recordings to produce non-linear compositions that draw listeners to a hypnotic inner world.

Roundup of Bandcamp recommendations from Patricia Wolf!

Assorted material by Benoit Pioulard

Rachel Grimes – The Clearing (Temporary Residence Limited)

Rachel Grimes is a pianist, composer, and arranger based in Kentucky – most renowned for her work in Rachel’s, the groundbreaking chamber-rock ensemble that introduced an entire generation of underground rock fans to the unexpected similarities and appeal of neoclassical music. Unhurried, at times fleeting, and stretching into the sky, The Clearing is a winding path of transient moments exploring personal memory, relationships, and mystery from a deeply internal place.

Derek Hunter Wilson – Pyrrhic

James Rushford – Musica Callada / See the Welter (Unseen Worlds)

Carlos Ferreira – Six Postcards Other Stories (Past Inside the Present)

I am fascinated by the idea that time is not linear, and that it cannot be measured quantitatively. The intensity of each moment lived makes it unique. This makes me rethink my own existence as an individual, as well as my relationship with all the things that surround me. “Six Postcards & Other Stories” is a soundtrack for these thoughts. Each postcard represents a fragment, a memory of an indefinite time. They are soundscapes that aim to make the listener create their own images, acting as triggers for experiences.

KMRU – drawing water

Khotin – Archive 13-15 (Khotin Industries)

I recently fired up my old Gateway laptop that I used back in the day and have begun salvaging and compiling some of my favourite “lost tracks” from the archives. Some of the tracks may have been uploaded to my Soundcloud page or featured in mixes at some point in time but have remained neglected and unreleased until now..

These tracks were made in my studio (pictured in the artwork) in the basement of my moms house in Edmonton around the years 2013-2015 aka the “Hello World” era.

Fax + Braulio Lam – Mixed Signals (Dragon’s Eye Recordings)

Dragon’s Eye is pleased to announce the release of ‘Mixed Signals,’ a new collaboration between longtime electronic musician FAX (Rubén Alonso Tamayo) and guitarist Braulio Lam. Both hailing from Mexico, the duo have crafted a multifaceted, shimmering ambient record that calmly propels the listener through passages echoing with just the right amount of reverb. Muted beats thrum against waves of ambient wash; bubbling guitar rides along the crest of synthetic sweeps.

Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English – Immediate Horizon (Important Records)

Having become mutual admirers of each others work; English of Cortini’s Sonno and Cortini of English’s Wilderness Of Mirrors, the pair were very pleased to receive an invitation to collaborate together.

This LP is a live recording, made at the premiere of the piece during Berlin Atonal, held at Kraftwerk in Berlin.

Ian Wellman – The House That Ate Itself (Room40)

“The House That Ate Itself” is a reflection on navigating current emergencies, successes from our past, and hope for a better future.

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