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Erin Dagbjort

It’s time for a thread of #nopantsrecordstoreshopping this #bandcampfriday! Strap in, there’s a lot of good stuff to chat about this month…

Batch of Bandcamp recommendations from our follower Erin Dagbjort! Don’t forget – there’s even more Bandcamp recs in our archives.

Bad Hoo – Right as Rain

Is it weird? Yes. Will it leave you on edge? I hope so. Will it blow your mind? Of course. Is it their best record so far? Well, yes. But everything they do is just incredible. You see, last year’s gem What Is When was a phenomenal record and was everything you could possibly want from a rowdy Garage Punk record but Right As Rain has a more relaxed feel but don’t let that fool you. Bad Hoo will still corrupt you, and you will love it. – Beat in my Bones

Suzies – Miller Lightning (Dizzybird Records)

WARNING: This album was conceived, written, performed & recorded directly and/or indirectly under the influence of The Champagne of Beers.

Staffers – In The Pigeon Hole (Ever/Never Records)

Staffers is the brainchild of Ryan McKeever, a DC-by-way-of-Omaha musician and songwriter. After several years of extensive touring, McKeever assembled a full-fledged band and a new cassette, In The Pigeon Hole, on New York City’s Ever/Never Records is their first release with the unit.

Mr. Teenage – Automatic Love

The four song debut release from Mr. Teenage.

Matt DeMello – (A​-​Typical) Candidate [For Rampage Violence]

An inner-ear drum secret filmmaker since 2002.

Fraser Wayne – Primordial Rage Of The Cowboy

After years fronting seminal garage rock band, The Fuzzy Undertones, Fraser Wayne chose to break off to pursue a new vision and sound, with a focus on honest songwriting and imaginative storytelling. The resulting project breaks into some diverse influences, ranging from Americana, modern psychedelia, 70’s punk, spaghetti western soundtracks, goth rock and more. The cosmic cowboy is here to stay.

Itchy Self – Here’s the Rub (Celluloid Lunch Records)

Drawing influence from the looser end of the Ork records catalogue, the sensitive side of Ohio’s proto-punk scene and the grittiest and most sluggish tangent of 70’s power pop, Itchy Self’s debut 12” is an exploration of fully formed songs treated with spontaneous delivery.

Soft Goods – Feels Surreal

TV Freaks – People (Schizophrenic Records / Hammer City Records)

Cut Worms – Nobody Lives Here Anymore (Jagjaguwar)

Coachwhips – Demos (Girlsville)

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