Bandcamp Saturday // Simon Vita
Bandcamp Saturday // Simon Vita

Bandcamp Saturday // Simon Vita

Simon Vita

Roundup of Bandcamp picks by our follower Simon Vita! More Bandcamp picks in our archives.

Digawolf – High Arctic

Like most musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, Diga has been locked away in his studio with his computer and guitar, devoid of a live audience. Stemming from this period of isolation is a unique album that stretches song into ballad and guitar riff into an instrumental exploration. As soon as he was able, he brought the band together, to start recording this Covidian epoch. Diga invites you on a journey through Canada’s North with his poetic prose and distinctive growling voice.

Assorted material by dice_nz

DiCE_NZ is DJ Dave Ti & friends – including Mr ‘House Of Downtown’ DJ Christiaan Ercolano + Percussionist Matt Sawyer

Alison Self – Honky Tonk Haze (Deluxe Version!)

This EP was recorded in my basement. It is a gritty glimpse into one night of me playing a show at a noisy honky tonk, and what tends to happen as the night wears on.

The title “Honky Tonk Haze” is a fitting reference. We’ve all had at least one of those nights. Maybe a night spent on the town, drinking, flirting, shit talkin’ and spending a little bit more than you maybe should have. You wake up without your wallet, don’t know where you parked your car, forget you don’t even have a car, maybe you don’t even recognize where you are or who the hell is sleeping next to you.

Darkside – Psychic Live July 17 2014 (Other People)

Darkside (often stylized as DARKSIDE) is the collaboration of electronic musician Nicolas Jaar and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington.

Skullcrusher – Farm b/w Lift

Layered vocals, plinky banjo and a rhythm that will have you dancing like Thom Yorke at a tent revival.

Late Summer Compilation Vol. 10 (Part 1)


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