Band Profile – Polvo
Band Profile – Polvo

Band Profile – Polvo


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Chapel Hill, NC Polvo are considered to be one of the key bands in so-called “math rock” genre, even though the band themselves rejected this label in interviews. Their name comes from Spanish word for “dust” (and it also means “sex” in Spanish slang).
r-647037-1142941453 The initial line-up consisted of Ash Bowie, Dave Brilawski, Steve Popson and Eddie Watkins. Their debut was 1990 7″ single Can I Ride and it came out on band’s own label Kitchen Puff Recordings (it was later re-released as CD). A whole number of records followed – 1992 “Cor-Crane Secret” (Merge), Today’s Active Lifestyles (Merge, 1993) and 1994 “Celebrate The New Dark Age” EP (also on Merge).
After 1995 full-length “This Eclipse”, the band parted ways with Merge and released two albums for Chicago label Touch & Go – 1996 “Exploded Drawing” and 1997 “Shapes”, which became their final studio album. Polvo did a farewell tour in support of “Shapes” in 1997 and split up next year due to band members commitments.
r-622169-1200341972Following the break-up, Ash Bowie released a solo album entitled “Yesterday’s…And Tomorrow’s Shells” on Tiger Style label under the name Libraness. He also recorded with BQ and Fan Modine. Brilawski played with Idyll Swords and is also a member of Black Taj, along with Steve Popson. Watkins is a member of Dr. Powerful.
Polvo recently reunited and added drummer Brian Quast (ex-Cherry Valence) to the line-up. They were invited to play at a number of music festivals, including All Tomorrow’s Parties and Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain. They also indicated that a new album might be on the way.
Band Members:
Ash Bowie (Helium, Led Byrd)
Dave Brilawski (Idyll Swords, Black Taj)
Eddie Watkins (Dr. Powerful)
Steve Popson
Brian Quast (Cherry Valence)
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Can I Ride 2×7″ (Kitchen Puff, 1990 / Jesus Christ, 1995 (as “Polvo”))
Vibracobra 7″ (Rockville, 1991)
Cor-Crane Secret LP / CD (Touch And Go, 1992 / Merge, 1992)
El Cid 7″ (With Erectus Monotone) (Merge, 1992)
Tilebreaker 7″ (Merge, 1993)
Today’s Active Lifestyles LP / CD (Touch And Go, 1993 / Merge, 1993)
Celebrate The New Dark Age CD / 3×7″ (Touch And Go, 1994 / Merge, 1994)
…And Then I’m Gone (split with New Radiant Storm King) 7″ (Penny Farthing, 1995)
This Eclipse CD-EP (Touch And Go, 1995 / Merge, 1995)
Exploded Drawing 2xLP / CD (Touch And Go, 1996)
Shapes LP / CD (Touch And Go, 1997)
Compilation Tracks:
Mexican Radio” on Freedom Of Choice (City Slang, 1992)
Tilebreaker” on Altered States Of America (Lime Lizard, 1993)
Watch The Nail” on 5 Rows Of Teeth (Merge, 1994)
Colonial Arms” on The Pop Narcotic Compilation (Pop Narcotic, 1994)
Can I Ride” on Half-Cocked (Matador, 1995)
Thermal Treasure” on Lo-Fi – Electric Acoustic & Radical (Meldac Corporation, 1995)
Rock Post Rock” on Nineteen Ninety Seven Sampler (Touch & Go, 1997)
“Reverse Migraine” on Reach The Rock Soundtrack (Hefty, 1998)

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