Band Profile – Godheadsilo
Band Profile – Godheadsilo

Band Profile – Godheadsilo

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Olympia, WA based Godheadsilo was a duo of Mike Kunka and Dan Haugh. Two of them met in Fargo, North Dakota and originally they were a trio, but guitarist Phil Leitch left the band after their first show and thus they decided to go on as a duo.

r-526176-1162739361Musically, they were known for heavy bass sound and extremely loud live shows, where band members heavily employed effect pedals and used a large wall of amps for better effect.

Although they were on hiatus for a long time, Dan and Mike joined Murder City Devils guitarist Spencer Moody in a band called Smoke and Smoke, which so far produced one album called “Love Suffers Long” in 2004. Mike Kunka also joined Enemymine, a band which also included Danny Sasaki (Jackie O Motherfucker, Mocket) and Ryan Baldoz (Some Velvet Sidewalk).

moobob_cdTheir first track was “Pull” – a contribution to 1992 “Nodak:Distorted Hallucinations” compilation. It came out on Fargo, ND based Moo Bob Records and also was the label’s first and final release. Curiously enough, Godheadsilo covered Rotten Gramma track from this compilation on their “Share The Fantasy” album.

Much of band’s material came out on Kill Rock Stars label, but their last studio album “Skyward In Triumph” was released by Sub Pop in 1996. They also contributed to compilations on a whole number of labels, including Karate Brand, Amphetamine Reptile, Yoyo and Coat-Tail Records. One of those compilations was   Joy Division tribute and also featured Moby, Codeine and Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan (as Starchildren), among others.

Band members:

Dan Haugh (Witchypoo)

Mike Kunka (Enemymine)


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Moby Dick / Bereft Rescue Mission (split with Hammerhead) 7″ (OXO Records, 1993)

Thee Friendship Village EP 7″ (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)

Elephantitus Of The Night 7″ / CD (Kill Rock Stars, 1994)

The Scientific Supercake LP LP / CD (Kill Rock Stars, 1994)

Booby Trap EP (Sub Pop, 1996)

Skyward In Triumph LP / CD (Sub Pop, 1996)

Compilation Tracks:

“Pull” on Nodak: Distorted Hallucinations (Moo Bob Records, 1992) (mp3)

Nutritious Treat” on Stars Kill Rock (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)

Lotion Pocket” on Dope Guns-N-Fucking In The Streets Volume Eight / Volumes 8-11 (Amphetamine Reptile, 1994 / 1997)

Spoon” on The Smitten Love Song Comp. (Karate Brand, 1994)

They Walked In Line” on A Means To An End: The Music Of Joy Division (Virgin, 1995 / Hut, 1995)

Rainin’ Blood” on Second Sixty Second Compilation (Coat-Tail, 1996)

Heaven Isn’t Hollywood” on Jabberjaw: Pure Sweet Hell (Mammoth, 1996)

You Must Pay” on In Memory Of Jason (Unknown Label, 1996)

Another Schizoid Embolism” on Yoyo A GoGo (Yoyo, 1996)

Elephantitus Of The Night” on Some Songs (Kill Rock Stars, 1997)

Home Crap Home” + “You’re Fighting Me Now” on Sound: Check (Sub Pop, 1998)


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