7 Reasons to see the next I Heart Noise showcase!
7 Reasons to see the next I Heart Noise showcase!

7 Reasons to see the next I Heart Noise showcase!

Second I Heart Noise showcase will take place at Once Somerville on August 4th and will feature Skyjelly (Providence / Boston), Emerald Comets (Boston) and Sadha (Allston)
Here’s a look at all the reasons why everyone in Boston should come and see it!


skyjelly is an eclectic boston based band that creates many different modes of experimental rock. their album ‘skyjelly and sun‘ is a recommended mind melter. their semi-electronic grunge/psych sounds can go from harsh to delicate, incorporating drum machines and found sound samples along with organic jamming and whirling eastern melodies.
The Modern Folk of America


Groovy postprogmetalambientblack from Allston, Mass!

Emerald Comets

The Emerald Comets hang loose in a euphoric, psychedelic wonderland. The band, acting as a experimental vehicle for lead singer/fuzz guitarist Reuben Bettsak, from Guillermo Sexo , creates music you can work to. These soundscapes allow the mind to empty, unravel, focus, and refill again. Productivity buzzes sweet in the consistent beating of a deadpan drum and Bettsak’s daydream lyrics. Drowsily pronounced, the lyrics glide on through and don’t really matter as much as the sounds being produced; in fact, if the vocals were altogether removed this music could be considered downright meditative. Getting lost in this haze is a good thing.
Sarah Samways / Boston Hassle

Ticket Price

The entire show is just $5 if you’ll purchase tickets through Ticketfly prior to the day of the event! ($10 on the day of the show)

Record Giveaway

Part of I Heart Noise record collection will be given away at the event!


Once Somerville is located right next to Davis Sq and comes highly recommended by Yelp users as one of the best spaces in town!

Support the local scene!

By buying a ticket to the showcase you will support the local scene (not to mention that its a great chance to see 3 amazing bands for just $5-$10 dollars!)

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