Ebay Hunt – Sonic Youth (07/13/16)
Ebay Hunt – Sonic Youth (07/13/16)

Ebay Hunt – Sonic Youth (07/13/16)

Sonic Youth - Whore's Moaning Whore’s Moaning: Oz ’93 Tour Edition LP
Sealed in the shrink wrap
Cover is mint
Translucent blue vinyl.
Limited to 6000 copies for Record Store Day 2011.

Pre-owned Vintage 1996 Sonic Youth Belgium Tour T-Shirt (Washing Machine) Design
Vintage 1996 Sonic Youth Belgium Tour T-Shirt (Washing Machine) 
Pre-owned, vintage- memorabilia-style 1996 tour Sonic Youth (Gent, Belgium gig) T-Shirt design.
Bi-lingual March 19 concert venue date on front in Flemish and French.
Automatic washer leitmotif adopted by the group for that album when they spotted two fans wearing t-shirts of such.

The Coachmen - Failure to ThriveThe Coachmen – Failure to Thrive
There are few records in my modest collection that I take more pride in than the Coachmen’s Failure to Thrive. And it’s not because it consistently sells for over $100. It’s because it’s original, raw proof of a an aspiring (yet, ironically, failing to thrive).
To me, it’s the perfect link. The JD King/Thurston Moore combination weaves sharp, choppy, zig-zagging guitar with (somewhat) melodic chord changes. It’s edgy. It’s nervous. It’s a little nerdy
Old Crippled Men blog

Pre-owned Vintage 1993 Sonic Youth T-Shirt (Santa Monica gig) Design
Vintage 1993 Sonic Youth T-Shirt – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium show
March 3rd, ’93 concert venue date on front.
Rolling Stones’ lips motif revamped and worn by Kim Gordon for that tour.
More details on the show:
Official Website
Expresso Beans

Sonic Youth - TV Shit with Yamatsuka Eye

TV Shit is a series of covers, all of the same track: Washington, D.C. hardcore punk band Youth Brigade‘s song “No Song II”. The original version was a one-second song consisting of the spoken word “no”.
The album cover’s spine and back cover (with the exception of the photo) were from the Karlheinz Stockhausen album Gesang der Jünglinge

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