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On this Bandcamp Friday we would like to thank everyone that featured our most recent physical release!

Besides Bandcamp, there’s now a link to all the other platforms the split is up on, so go grab it and help to spread the word around!

Pt. 1 – Fuzzy Sun, Bill Barnett, Turn Up the Volume, CDM / David Abravanel, Breakthru Radio / Bryan Buchman, Boston Emissions / Angelle Wood, Bombshell Radio / Jasper PR and more.

Pt. 2 – Indie Mixtape, Rene Kita, Simon Edwards, Kevin Press, Mummy Master 420, WZBC and more.

Pt. 3 – In Memory of John Peel, DJ Perry, Alice Peter-Burns, The Brutha Voodoo, Nik Farr, Dustin A Ruoff / Rise Galaxy and more.

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