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Since meeting in 2017, TQ Zine’s Andy Wood and N-aut tapes’ David Howcroft have been actively supporting each other’s work and that of the ‘No Audience Underground’.

The TQN-aut label promotes sounds we believe should have a wider audience, making available tapes, CDs, downloads and related merchandise at minimal cost to the recipient, with fair and considerate treatment of the artist.

Mix subtitle – Best of Times / Worst of Times

Compiled by @paul_pmz

(Tracks taken from the label’s 2020 releases, with a couple of bonus picks from Andy Wood and David Howcroft.)

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Rafael De Toledo Pedroso – 100% KELLY (TQN-aut)

Rafael de Toledo Pedroso is a brazilian musician, focusing on experimental hip-hop, weirdo electronics and wonky ballads. Lakkos Chromatinos are ten tracks about the unknown, in every known way. The known-unknown. Fusing a garage mindset with digital approach, the project is as diverse and authentic as the trade goods in the old Periplus of the Erythraean Sea.

Further Reading: Radio on Berlin

Sweet Benfica – The Switchblade Dance (TQN-aut)

Sweet Benfica are two brothers from the peripheral of the Welsh Mountains. As a means to get songs recorded as quickly as possible using the Brain, Tape, Phone, Memory, the Computer. Tunes are captured as they float past in the atmosphere, melodies that have been in slumber for thousands of years, sounds from a dormant future, songs that were drawn on cave walls, are kidnapped then traced by their broken antennas.

Further Reading: Wipeout Music

Expose Your Eyes – I’m Just A Point Of View (TQN-aut)

Paul Harrison – noise maker since the late 1980s – used to run Fiend Recordings label – sometimes involved with the group Smell & Quim – these days making all sorts of sounds using all sorts of project names and mostly putting them on xemporium.bandcamp.com – XEMPORIUM IMMERSION is a hand picked selection for TQN-aut listeners to dive into. Thanks to all at TQN-aut for making this release happen.

Further Reading: Idwal Fisher

Tapes & Tubes – beauty (TQN-aut)

Tapes & Tubes, a.k.a. Austin Potter…touches on those deep, isolating, pensive states that come to the forefront when returning from sleep or conversely nodding off to slumber. – The Deli Magazine

see also – IHN Fest 12/1

Further Reading: The Modern Folk Music of America

BLOM – Audrey (Box Records)

Self-described as “three qt punks playing pure radge shit; with female, trans and non binary members”, BLÓM are known for their blistering tunes that tackle inequality, and explore issues surrounding mental health and gender identity. On ‘Meat’, the band – along with Walkinshaw’s guidance – have taken live recordings of the song and mixed and mastered it to full fury levels for their upcoming album. – Get in Her Ears

see also – 2020 in Review // Favorite Songs of Vogon Laundromat

Yasuyuki Uesugi – I Have Ruined Most Of My Life’s Thinking With Tranquilzers (TQN-aut)

Yasuyuki Uesugi is a noise/power electronics artist native to Japan. With Japan being what most consider to be the epicenter of the noise “scene,” one must wonder what this artist does to separate himself from the masses.

He does so by separating himself from his instruments. Whereas master noise craftsmen like Merzbow and KK Null multi-task with manual manipulation, Yasuyuki Uesugi is truly unique in his methods; put simply, he does not “play.” He simply selects his sounds, instruments, parameters and lets nature take its course. The result is a natural flow through which Yasuyuki Uesugi channels his spirituality. – The Noise Beneath the Snow

Cowboy Flying Saucer – Heavily Sedated NOW! (TQN-aut)

Cowboy Flying Saucer is an incarnation spawned from a conversation in a Walthamstow pub. An experimental vehicle for sonic fun and adventure.

Further Reading: MN2S

Bruxa Maria – Pushed To The Brink Of Madness Then Demonised (Hominid Sounds) – see also – Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 5

there are no birds here – Lothu Wistoft (HREAM)

Reynols – Picoli Zvrmo (TQN-aut)

SINNEN – Meremenen (TQN-aut)

Pinnel – Sea Cave (Seaham) (TQN-aut)

Pettaluck – Stiff Upper Lip (John Callaghan Remix) (TQN-aut)

Bad Amputee – Behind The Dreams Of Medieval Kings (Self Released/Bandcamp) – BA is Yakka Doon and @veganfry

Paul May & Matt Atkins – Hello Avatar (TQN-aut) – see also – Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Mix by Invisible City Records

Greg Nieuwsma – USA 2019 (TQN-aut) – see also – Track-by-Track: Greg Nieuwsma – Travel Log Radio

Darren j Holloway – The Ebb (TQN-aut) – see also – Track-by-Track: Darren j Holloway – Salt Heart

The Wyndham Research Institute – Article IV (TQN-aut)

there are no birds here – marram (HREAM)

Ian Joyce – Hesitant Steps (TQN-aut)

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