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100 Tape Albums of Soviet Rock 100 Магнитоальбомов Советского Рока Cover

Part 2 of our translation of Chapter 3 from Alexandr Kushnir’s book 100 Tapes of Soviet Rock (100 Магнитоальбомов Советского Рока). Archives can be found here.

Thanks to everyone supportive of this venture.

Positive conversation with Soviet authorities had its impact on Tropillo Sr. Upon hearing Battle with Fools (Битва с Дураками) almost 20 years later he confessed to his son: “Had a feeling the doors will open now and black paddy wagons will start being loaded with people”. This was taking place in the spring of ’76 – during the historical debut of Mashina Vremeni in Leningrad.

By that point 25 year old Andrey, the son of Vladimir Andreevich, became seriously obsessed with rock-n-roll and radio equipment. He had all the prerequisites for it. While still in high school he switched from listening to symphonic music to western Beat culture. “My sister sent me mohair wool for the sweater from abroad” – recounts Tropillo. “Without hesitating one second I sold mohair for 110 roubles and with money from sales I bought double Beatles album that just turned up in England few days ago.

Starting from ’77 Andrey took on organizing concerts for Mashina Vremeni. During a period where he felt tender love for the band he was putting together their shows at Alma Mater’s Faculty of Physics somewhere in Rzhevka district and even at the building of the former church of Kaspiisk regiment. Tropillo was organizing those concerts with all the classic conspiracy rules in mind – cutting off “tails” and sending “unverified” fans to the false addresses.


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