Bandcamp CrateDig with Dillon // Vol. 2
Bandcamp CrateDig with Dillon // Vol. 2

Bandcamp CrateDig with Dillon // Vol. 2

See vol. 1 here.


Wizard Rifle – Megatherium (Svart Records / Seventh Rule Recordings)

Royal Headache – High (What’s Your Rupture?)

Steeple Remove – Unclean (Gonzaï Records)

C Joynes / Nick Jonah Davis – Endomorph Vs Ectomorph ¹ (Thread Recordings)

Howlish – Black Ice

Four Tet – Field

Thirsty Fish – Grind It Out (feat. Busdriver)

This Heat – Horizontal Hold (Piano / Modern Classics Recordings / Belle Antique)

Flowers Must Die – Kruta (Rocket Recordings)

Oh Hiroshima – Ellipse

Derek Gripper – Bafoulabe (New Cape)

Abi Reimold – Dust (Sad Cactus)

Cattle – Caring (Hominid Sounds)

Mary Bell – The plague (Danger Records / Le Collectif Semi-Conscient / Le Turc Mecanique)

Dead Sea Apes – Low Resolution (Sky Lantern / Cardinal Fuzz)

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates – Folklore (Gare Du Nord Records)

Belgrado – Wiatr (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Secret Drum Band – DaDaDa (XRAY Records)

The Asteroid Belt – Radiation Mutation (EXP Tapes)

Tyler and MAndre – Admirals Dub (Interference Pattern Records)

Dave Holland and Evan Parker – Bass and Tenor Duet (The Vortex Jazz Club)

Sarry – ψ(psi) (Gyuune Cassette)

The Reverse – Abstract Heart from Enter The Void Vol.3 via DONUT RECORDS

PAVANE – Le Belvédère (Eumolpe Records)

New / Recent Releases

C Joynes / Shovel Dance Collective – Betwixt & Between 7 (Betwixt & Between Tapes)

Nick Jonah Davis – The Drifting / Xochi (Sonido Polifonico)

Four Tet – 871 (Text Records)

Flowers Must Die – Live in Liege

Derek Gripper – A Year Of Swimming (Sharp-Flat Records)

Guy Buttery / Derek Gripper – Live in Cape Town (New Cape)

Mary Bell ‎– Bellatrix Boadicea (Destructure Records)

Adam Stone / Dead Sea Apes / Black Tempest ‎– Dataland (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)

Secret Drum Band – Chuva (Moon Glyph)

The Reverse – Which Way Out (Blang)

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